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Water, Mud, Poop...!

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icanhandthemback Mon 06-Nov-23 17:30:53

A little while ago my puppy got a bit aggressive so I called in a lovely behaviourist who gave us tips to resolve any reactivity. In an hour, he had helped us so much, I purchased a course of puppy classes off his web site. Unfortunately, the other lady doing the course with 2 dogs had to drop out so instead of taking a refund, the behaviourist agreed to 2 hour lessons for a friend of mine and her dog to join us for help control our dogs when they were together. They love to play fight but go deaf to their usual commands! The behaviourist suggested I come over to his place mentioning it was indoors.
Last night, after several hours I finished grooming my dog ready for her lesson. To my horror, when we turned up at the site, it was outdoors. We had to walk through a very wet area to get to a field which was absolutely covered in horse droppings. It was also quite long grass with some very soggy wet, muddy patches. I returned from the training with a very bedraggled dog! My friend was soaked through as she was only wearing trainers.
AIBU to expect things to be a little cleaner. I mind less about the water and mud although I would have left the grooming 'til after the training but I just thought horse poop was a step too far.

Theexwife Mon 06-Nov-23 18:00:49

Maybe you should have left as soon as you saw where the training was being held.

FlexibleFriend Mon 06-Nov-23 18:08:33

As Theexwife says you could have expressed your concerns at the time.
Also you had an issue with your dogs when they are together and playfighting which is probably why he decided to have you all outside in a natural environment.
It's hardly his fault your friend wasn't dressed appropriately so yeah I think you're being somewhat unreasonable.

Jaxjacky Mon 06-Nov-23 18:11:54

I’m not sure why you groomed her before you went?
Being outdoors gives the dogs more space, I hope it was a good lesson.

icanhandthemback Mon 06-Nov-23 18:33:32

Jaxjacky, I groomed the dog before I went because she was pretty smelly where she had been eating her bone but it could have been left 24 hours if I had known that it would be outside. She's long haired so I could have put her coat on to protect her fur had I known she was going to be walking in a muddy field. The lesson was very good. He was very good at explaining why the dogs were doing what they do and picking the perfect time to intervene.
Theexwife, you may be right, maybe I should have said something straight away but by the time I saw the horse poop, we had already gone through the water and mud. The horse poop was just unpleasant because there was so much of it.
FlexibleFriend, my friend was appropriately dressed for an indoor venue as we'd been told that was what we were getting. Luckily she saw the funny side of it. The behaviourist knew exactly what we were going to work on as we had been very open to what the problem was so changing the venue to outside was a surprise. The indoor venue is a large area used for dog training so as the dogs were never off lead, being inside wasn't ever going to be a problem. We literally walked with the dogs on long lines with them a short distance apart so space wasn't an issue. In fact, because of the horses in the adjoining field, we had to keep the dogs close. I'm not complaining about being outside per se. It just seems odd to put dogs into a field where there is so much poop especially as many dogs find it an appetising snack! 🤢

BlueBelle Mon 06-Nov-23 18:36:55

I had to laugh at the several hours ! of grooming before you took her to her lesson 🤣
I hope she learnt some good lessons cow poo was certainly not nice but did you say anything to him at the time or say I think
I ll leave it thanks
I guess you won’t go back again

FlexibleFriend Mon 06-Nov-23 18:38:43

They have to learn not to eat it, so an extra bit of training too.

keepcalmandcavachon Mon 06-Nov-23 20:11:45

My little Cavachon has told me to remind everyone here that he is available (and very willing) to give any puppy free lessons in mud rolling- from discovering the dirtiest puddles, perfecting the 'back wiggle' and going in for the crusty, sticky bits.
In lesson 2 he will proudly display "everything you ever wanted to know about Fox Poo". shock

icanhandthemback Mon 06-Nov-23 21:02:04

FlexibleFriend, yes but I prefer one lesson at a time and I prefer not to tread in it myself when I am distracted by a long lead which I keep tripping over (I'm dyspraxic) and trying to treat at exactly the right time.
keepcalmandcavachon, yes, I've got a TTerrible Tibetan Terrorist who goes mud snorkelling. Hence the regular grooming sessions!

Georgesgran Mon 06-Nov-23 21:06:58

My DD’s shiztsu is a dab hand at finding hedgehog poo in my garden and rolling in it - it’s black, sticky and stinks!! At least horse poo is organic and good for roses!

Ali08 Tue 07-Nov-23 07:34:00

I came across 'It's Me Or The Dog' on YouTube.
Whether you keep on going to see the dog man, @icanhandthemback, or not, it might help you to watch some of her videos.
She's very good!

keepcalmandcavachon Tue 07-Nov-23 08:32:41

icanhandthemback andGeorgesgran

It's ALWAYS the fluffy/hairy little darlings isn't it? grin

icanhandthemback Tue 07-Nov-23 10:41:53

I have one more session which I've paid for but I might suggest that we book a Paw Paddock or similar for the session! It's a shame, he's a brilliant behaviourist but the field is just a nightmare.