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Quizzer Sat 09-Dec-23 15:48:35

I am quite happy to receive Christmas newsletters from friends and relatives that we rarely see, with genuine news.
However there is one type of letter that really makes me sick! We know one couple whose letter is all about the wonderful places they have been, the wonderful hotels they have stayed in and amazing restaurants they have eaten in, mentioning celebrities who were there. They even wax lyrical about the delightful place they live - a new town well known for its intrinsic lack of beauty. They go on to list their golfing successes on the most 'iconic' courses. Even the venue for a friend's son's wedding in Italy was so delightful that they felt they had to extend their trip. Are these people really so self satisfied that they have to tell everybody about their amazing life?

oodles Wed 13-Dec-23 12:01:47

I never sent one until the year my now ex left me and I didn't want to receive a lot of cards addresses to the 2 of us. He didn't do likewise so the(few) cards that previously he had sent out to people he knew but I didn't really, maybe I had met them once, or spoken on the phone, still came to us both. I reciprocated with a letter explaining the situation and suggesting in future they contact him at his new address. I don't believe that he kept in touch with any of those presumed friends as over the years I have had some letters addressed to him here
My letters are mainly to people who know my children so I include a little update on what they are doing, as well as a round up of the year, less than an A4, sometimes I've got 2 on A4 so just cut in half. I like to know if friends have had losses or other changes in their circumstances just so I know and am not insensitive. I do a bit about any significant health news, and little trips I've been on, never anywhere exotic or even abroad, I like to hear how people are.enjoyng life. One letter I don't miss is one from a friend of the ex who every year has dreadful health, as did the rest of his family, and all sorts of misfortunes, I felt very sorry for the family but didn't know them at all
I still do a few words personally to people just don't have time to do personalized full letters

Margs Thu 14-Dec-23 21:52:00

Gosh Lizzie44! "Hard work and sensible planning" goes straight out of the window when something like Covid comes marching round the corner, swiftly followed by an unprecedented cost-of-living crisis nightmare. And yes, as a previous contributor has stated, it IS smug.

NotSpaghetti Fri 15-Dec-23 08:12:11

I had one last week that was pretty much 4 pages about their dog.... haven't quite finished it yet. ..

Baggs Sat 16-Dec-23 15:32:03


That's not necessarily true annsixty. Everyone has ups and downs but why write about the downs? I alway think people who perceive others as lying or boasting might have a bit of a chip on their shoulders...

Yesterday we received a short newsletter from my brother. He has never sent one before. It included a number of downs which, after my initial reeling, I decided was his way of letting us know the bare facts before any gossip got to us.

So there's one very good reason for mentioning 'downs.'

Aveline Sat 16-Dec-23 16:26:37

That sounds very specific to you Baggs rather than a round robin sent to everyone on a Christmas card list.
I had a lovely one today marked 'Round Robin, read or burn!' Of course I read it and was happy to hear it the various family members travels and cheerful Christmas.

Aveline Sat 16-Dec-23 16:27:08

hear about.

RosiesMaw Sat 16-Dec-23 21:24:50


>They even wax lyrical about the delightful place they live - a new town well known for its intrinsic lack of beauty.

Milton Keynes? :-)

(Clears throat)
There are some beautiful Bucks villages with the MK postcode and parts of Milton Keynes itself which are leafy, beautifully landscaped, close to lakes or the canal -so don’t knock Milton Keynes!

M0nica Sun 17-Dec-23 22:45:10

RosieMaw, I quite agree. Milton Keynes, is actually very green and pleasant with woodland and greenery. the main roads have wide green treed areas either side and the greenery winds through the housing estates.

Today, having been a way for nearly a week we sat down and opened our cards and collected and read the letters.

No one boasting of their brilliant children or wonderful lives. only one description of a holiday, and that was exceptional. A family of six went to Japan, staying in hostels, walking through the countryside and staying with friends and their story of the holiday was fascinating.

MrsKen33 Tue 19-Dec-23 06:23:16

We have always received a long Round Robin, from a friend we knew at college. We have kept in touch over the years but never managed to meet up. He came to stay with us in the summer and we thought the visit went well.
His missive, this year, whilst detailing his whole year has no mention of us. Do you think we have been edited out for some reason ? Most strange

Maggiemaybe Tue 19-Dec-23 07:45:24


There's an amusing book based on the premise that the wife/ mother charged with this annual chore, started by writing a " true" and very frank account of their year, relationships with in- laws etc before starting the anodyne one. You'll have guessed that this was sent inadvertently and ....

Hello from the Gillespies! I really enjoyed this book.