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frida Wed 11-May-11 14:39:02

My mum died nine years ago, she was a great knitter and kept the family supplied in all kinds of beautifully knitted sweaters, cardigans , hats and baby clothes. I've been helping Dad to tidy out the attic and we came across mums old knitting basket. Before she died she was knitting a baby shawl for a neighbours daughter but didn't finish it, it's about 95% finished and there is plenty of yarn to finish it off. Dad wants me to find someone to finish it, he say's he will pay them to do it. My daughter is expecting her first baby later this year and he wants to give her the shawl for her baby. It's not a money saving exercise he says he would like her to have something her nan had made. I have't mentioned this to my daughter I think it's a bit strange. ( I could easily find someone to finish it off)

jangly Wed 11-May-11 14:44:43

Its a beautiful idea! Definitely find someone to finish it off and give it to your daughter. She will be delighted to have something knitted by her grandmother. It could become a family heirloom. And a hand knitted shawl is lovely for a baby.

milliej Wed 11-May-11 16:01:23

I agree with jangly, not strange to me, a lovely idea and a way of your dad remember/thinking of his dear departed! Good idea, go for it smile.

grannymags Wed 11-May-11 21:48:33

frida I think this is a lovely idea and what a nice way to remember your mum smile

margeosprey Wed 11-May-11 23:22:50

I think it would be great if you got someone to finish the shawl. When my Mum died I took over an embroidery that she was in the middle of, it was a bit spooky knowing which bits she did and which bits were mine, but I'm glad I did it just so there was some kind of connection.

BeeLilac Thu 12-May-11 11:13:13

What a lovely idea. I have an unfinished tapestry from a late very dear friend. I compare her neat stitches to mine and remember what a lovely person she was.

artygran Fri 13-May-11 16:45:25

My mother - an avid knitter - was knitting a sweater for my then toddler son at the time that she was very ill. Sadly, she never finished it and so I thought I would try, but every time I picked it up it made me cry so I put it away and it never did get finished. I know that she would have loved me to finish it and I think it is a wonderful idea if you can find someone to finish the shawl. Good luck with it.

clementine Fri 13-May-11 20:57:26

Imagine having the opportunity to pass this on to your daughter, she will be thrilled, and no money could ever buy something so personal and precious. There is love in every stich and I would say count your blessings and think how fortunate and lucky you are to be able to do this for your dad and also think how much your mum would have loved the idea of her great grandchild wearing something she had knitted. Wish I had had that chance.

dida Sun 15-May-11 10:09:01

Do get it finished. I'm sure your daughter will appreciate having something handknitted by her grandmother. When my mother died, she left lots of unused art materials, and it has given me great pleasure, putting these to use. Everytime I do, it gives a real sense of connection and continuity. She also left a collection snaps, many of which I turned into cards, and used when corresponding with her friends.

em Fri 20-May-11 16:40:49

Frida - lovely idea. My Mum died 3 years ago and my sisters and I were happy to take all Mum's craft 'stuff' and share it. We made up basic sewing boxes for her 3 granddaughters - threads, needles etc and sets of knitting needles. Since her death, no fewer than 9 great-grandchildren have arrived and we've been able to knit up Mum's wool into little garments and to sew her buttons onto them. We've used lots of her knitting patterns too. My daughter had a tiny white matinee coat which Mum made for an older grandchild, and it was used again to bring the newest one home from hospital. Frida - if you can't find anyone locally to finish the shawl, please get in touch with more details and I'll see what I can do. I have knitted several shawls and it would be a privilege to help if I can.

Swansong Mon 16-Jan-12 19:19:50

What a kind gesture I am new to Gransnet but already feel at home with such nice remarks on the website

susiecb Tue 17-Jan-12 10:04:58

frida if you havent located someone to finish the shawl yet try - bound to be somoen on there who will pick it up.

nipsmum Tue 17-Jan-12 20:22:33

Hi Frida,
I have knitted many shawls for my own children , grandchildren and nephews and neices as well as their children. If you are still looking for someone to finish the shawl your mum started and you have the pattern and wool to finish it I would be happy to do it for you. you ana get in touch with me via gransnet and i'll give you my address to send it to. I live in Aberdeen. Hope this will be of help to you

em Tue 17-Jan-12 20:33:24

I too have wondered if Frida managed to get the shawl finished. The baby must be here by now. If you're lurking Frida, how about posting an update for us?

E1saBe Fri 20-Jan-12 18:48:01

This is an amazing thread and I really hope that Frida has decided to have the shawl finished - and how fantastic to have an offer from someone on the forums! When my mother was terminally ill, she knitted each one of her three (grown-up) children a blanket in the 18 months she had left. At the time I just thought 'well, she's keeping busy and trying to take her mind off things', and she handed each blanket over to us with much fanfare as she completed it. In the inside corner of each one was a handstitched date and her name. Now 16 years after her death, I've gradually had this realisation that maybe it was her way of making sure that she could continue to care for us, cover us with her love, and I treasure her energy contained in every stitch (hopefully that's not too weird!) She was a single mother to the three of us in the 1950s and devoted her life to making sure that we were okay, although our circumstances were difficult. And we're just fine, the three of us, because we were raised with an abundance of love.

Carol Fri 20-Jan-12 18:55:43

Great idea to have it finished for you Frida and so kind of those who help with such projects. E1saBe what a wonderful mother yours was thanks

E1saBe Sat 21-Jan-12 09:01:51

Thanks Carol, she truly was. This thread has given me a great opportunity to pause for a moment and remember that.

greenmossgiel Sat 21-Jan-12 10:01:23

E1saBe, how lovely to have that blanket from your mother. It can be passed down through your own family with the same love within it. smile

grangran2984 Mon 04-Mar-13 11:24:10

I used to knit baby shawls for my Grandkids but cant any more, but I found some great hand knitted shawls here

frida Fri 05-Apr-13 10:36:36

I had forgotten all about this post! Thank-you all for your comments and special thanks to the ladies who offered to finish off the shawl. I found a local lady who finished it off. My father gave the shawl to my daughter and she loved it. It has been used by the baby, who is now 16months old , carefully washed and now wrapped and put away.DD is hoping to be able to pass it on to her sisters if they ever have children. They all call it 'granny's soft shawl'.
Ahh, it was nice going back to this post.