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Am I too old to learn to knit? ( 57 )

90 Tooyoungytobeagra...

Has anyone ever made curtains?

43 Callistemon

Spinning wheel person sought

4 Nansypansy

Yarn Bombing/Love Bombing

21 Witzend

Painting by numbers

16 Infinity2

Advice re chunky wool for a baby blanket

15 fevertree

Bleach on tunic top

51 JackyB

What sewing machine do you recommend?

54 perkinchrollete

Has anyone ever steeked a crochet jumper

16 olliebeak

Badge Display.

12 RandyWhite

Solved it! (A dilemma of using up very small oddments)

11 JulieNoted

Machine knitting

3 Mumofthree

Will this blanket work, I wonder?

12 Nannina

Easter Crochet Ideas Please

6 HorribleGull

Cross stitch

117 Whiff

Makenzy Beard, talented 14yo artist

8 Aveline

For anyone knitting for Knit for Peace....

4 Filomena

Mixed Media Arts and Crafts

8 Revolucion

Dying T-shirts but not Logos...

17 swiss2008

Still a high demand for Worry Monsters

4 Doodle

Knitted scarf using a zig zag pattern

16 Purplepixie

Repairing a ‘pocket rip’

3 Repair

An unexpectedly productive hour and a half yesterday!

8 Witzend

My clever DH

20 Witzend

Fangus Mk 2 finally finished.

10 Gwyneth

Circular needles

17 PinkCosmos

Charity knitting to use up odds and ends

10 Witzend


25 NotSpaghetti

Sewing Machine Needles

14 smueqas

Alaska hat

42 Purplepixie

Luna Rabbit

6 muffinthemoo

I love Joy but any other recommended beginner dressmaking tutorials?

15 Trisha57

Sewing clips are brilliant

24 twinnytwin

Hand knitted cowls

9 EilaRose

Hand sewing a quilt

10 EilaRose

Can't stop making things.

73 Beechnut

Sea glass using PVA glue and food colouring

10 NotSpaghetti

Music teacher nr confolens france 16

1 Scullion52

The Great British Sewing Bee

53 LauraNorder

replacing a jacket zip

11 grannysyb

Finishing off linen seams

14 NotSpaghetti

knitting for charity

5 Amberone


70 Jaxjacky

Fangus the Worry-Eating Monster

10 V3ra

Request from Gds’s school to knit these!

21 maryrose54

Diamond art.

5 Smurf52

Will crochet be the only way? Crochet experts please!

25 Gingster

Has anyone made one of these Worry Monsters?

10 Witzend

Patchwork blanket but in strips?

23 Nannina

Love of embroidery

9 JaneJudge