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Knickers. Easy to sew and good scrap buster

33 Nannarose

So sorely tempted by this pattern!

32 Aldom

The most stupid mistake I’ve ever made (knitting) 😩

14 Callistemon21

So annoying! 🤬

22 Witzend

How to make beeswax polish

4 MerylStreep

Printing sewing patterns

74 karmalady

Alternative to split pin that allow twist movement?

3 JackyB

Cross stitch

334 Whiff

Chunky wool for baby blanket

6 PinkCosmos

Slight masking fluid disaster....

5 0ddOne

Knit For Peace

33 Caravansera

Cross-stitch for charity

1 Ali08

Quilters Will

2 NotSpaghetti

Crack on with Christmas! (Planning, Prepping & Projects)

59 karmalady

acrylic painting - where can I buy a fine misting spray for wetting canvas?

7 mantaray

Knitting socks

49 karmalady

Knitting without a pattern

10 Doodledog

Crochet hook?

69 Primrose53

Needlework for a beginner

30 oodles

Sewing, the craft, fabrics, patterns, problems

212 karmalady

Painting by numbers

39 Deedaa

knitting and crochet, nattering and sharing

345 Witzend

Baby blanket what colours touse

21 Witzend

Some A I Art that I have recently made…🎨

9 Joseann

Circular wooden needles

5 Doodledog

🐝 The Great British Sewing Bee 🐝

173 Beechnut

Marriner get cosy yarn

7 Foxygloves

Watercolour Challenge

7 Primrose53

Using up some of my mass of oddments

3 keepcalmandcavachon

Pattern Drafting

12 Ilovecheese

Decorate With The seasons!

56 Chocolatelovinggran

The most annoying mistakes you make when knitting.

66 Oreo


26 Whiff

If my frog already has a jumper….

18 Witzend

An interfacing question for all you expert sewers out there!

11 grandtanteJE65

I’ve given my latest Big Fat Ted a jazzier jumper than usual, so now he looks like a Ch******s tree

22 grandtanteJE65

Like this work by Tracy Emin?

88 Amalegra

Missing website for Loving Hands charity

16 MumW

Knitting with arthritic hands

27 Doodledog

Memory bears

5 Germanshepherdsmum


45 Oopsadaisy1

Celebrate the Coronation

11 Namsnanny

Double knit wool too thick.

20 Diggingdoris

Polishing stones

13 Yammy

What the younger generation missed! Do we?

175 Ali08

Knitted baby jumper

40 Callistemon21

Easter Project.

22 Namsnanny

Rolled hem.

6 Foxygloves

Knitted King Charles Doll

19 V3ra

Interesting Yarn Behaviour

14 NanaDana