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Cross stitch

282 lynx

Knitting with circular needles?

16 Lilliesmum79

What have you sewn lately?

59 AreWeThereYet

Ideas for Plastic Plant pots

20 lixy

knitting and crochet, nattering and sharing

328 lixy

best tool for cutting large felt fabric circles

16 Mamissimo

Knitting istructions for babies beanie and booties

5 ginny

Hello from Netherlands :)

14 Germanshepherdsmum

Intermediate standard sewer. Which sewing machine to buy?

21 AskAlice

What am I missing?

8 Callistemon21

Interesting Yarn Behaviour

10 Callistemon21

If anyone would like to knit a baby blanket for a neonatal unit…

15 GrannyLaine

So annoyed with myself.

4 Secondwind

Crafting with Nana

13 Ava00

Asked to teach Gdd to knit!

85 Witzend

Has anyone got my mojo?

23 AreWeThereYet

My Valentine Project.

16 Namsnanny

How to teach left handed GD to knit

17 Judy54

Social worker with ID and ‘professional in a suit’ finished…

3 Ilovecheese

Knitting a police officer - oh dear me…

13 Witzend

Washing pure wool--a revelation

56 M0nica

shawls. Come into their own, at last

35 hollysteers

knitting pattern from the fifties!

6 travelnan

Late Ch×××××as project

54 lovebeigecardigan...

To make a change from Big Fat Teds….

14 Esmay

DIY paper mache birdhouse?

11 grNadpa

Returning to knitting- where do I start

29 Callistemon21

Never again! Unravelling huge skeins of yarn.

19 lovebeigecardigan...

Sewing, the craft, fabrics, patterns, problems

204 AskAlice

Painting by numbers

26 NanaAng14

Cleaning paint off outdoor playhouse

5 Norah

🎄 Sewing Bee Christmas Special 🎄

44 Wyllow3

Kirsty’s Handmade.

56 NotSpaghetti

Quick knitted hot water bottle cover

15 Purplepixie

I’ve knitted two hats

16 Caleo

Unwanted craft items

6 Whiff

Knitted this little sweater

30 Purplepixie

Halloween ideas?

81 Namsnanny

How she manages it I don’t know, but….

4 Witzend

I knitted this sweater in one week.

72 Purplepixie

An easy garter stitch poncho

21 CocoPops

Watercolour cards

27 BrieJeff94

Glass craft glue: Advice please

10 MawtheMerrier

Big Fat Ted and his little friend

25 Namsnanny

Best crafts for shaky hands?

2 Whiff

I’ve just finished this hat for a friend

57 Purplepixie

I was supposed to be getting on with other jobs once the 🎄things were finished, but…

19 Witzend

Tree festival

7 Whiff

My snowmen are too fat!

62 sheilayd

Keeping a 90 yr old amused

51 Witzend