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Own design picture jumpers

16 Witzend

Cross stitch

74 travelnan

Knitting for beginner

6 Fuchsiarose

What do you do with all the lovely things that you make?

123 Witzend

Sewing machine buying advice?

11 kathyd

Quilting/Sewing/Embr oidery Machines - recommendations please

8 Susie42

Sewing silk - is it fiddly?

11 Tweedle24

Painting rocks

45 bikergran

Squares- knitting advice

7 SueDonim

Christmas cushions

24 Mapleleaf

WD40 on an old sewing machine?

14 Trisha57

Hand puppet pattern/kit

5 Luckygirl

Knitting with one needle under arm

105 Lioness68

Cheeky bagpiper in aid of Prostate Cancer UK

15 Nortsat

My cheeky bagpiper (not for the easily shocked!)

27 PollyDolly

Narrow freezer with shelves

17 varian


15 Meaux

I am such a twit!! ( not reading instructions properly 🤬)

14 Witzend

Knitting supplies online

22 Callistemon

Dd has now asked for Christmas stockings for Gdcs...

10 Alishka

Knitting machines

10 Gwenisgreat1

Super quick and easy knitted Christmas stocking

2 ElaineI

Knitted Gift

4 ALT57

Hand sewing masks

25 Lucca

Mini sewing machine gadget things - any good?

64 Blossoming

Finished my rainbow stashbuster blanket, but...

23 Witzend

It looked so simple on the box! Cross stitch [hmm]

30 Whiff

I’m going to knit that cheeky bagpiper

8 Witzend

First great grand child on its way

23 ElaineI

Jumpers for chickens!

16 Witzend

Making face masks.

56 ginny

Very simple stash-buster blanket.

38 Callistemon

Using up scraps

18 Nannarose

Knitted sleevies

3 Lilypops

Autumn leaves

9 fevertree

Simple craft ideas wanted

16 NotSpaghetti

Want to take up embroidery/crochet again but who will want the results? Recommendations please

81 dontmindstayinghome

Delicate repair

5 Pixieboots

Hand Sewing

21 Blossoming

The Knittingale Hospital

13 Lexisgranny

Crochet advice.

2 MiniMoon

Bargain Singer sewing machines

13 Susie42

Child's knitted throw.

31 Witzend

What is your favourite tv programme?

56 Alishka

What sewing machine do you recommend?

37 WilliamBowie

Epoxy resin and hardener

3 trustgone4sure

How old is your sewing machine?

69 Nannytopsy

Shortening harem pants?

6 Genevieve489

Sewing machine troubles.

24 Callistemon

Hamish the Westie pup - he’s come out a wee bit big though.

13 Witzend