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knitting and crochet, nattering and sharing

283 Rosalyn69

Eco crafting

5 Canalboatgranma

Kids gifts to Grandparents

155 treetop

Sewing, the craft, fabrics, patterns, problems

151 karmalady

A successful mend!

11 AreWeThereYet

What sewing machine do you recommend?

71 usamariaz2

Knits4kids website problem

4 Chardy

Painting by numbers

23 emiltyhjk

tunisian crochet

6 Caleo

How much to charge?

19 Grammy666

Next to Me Crib blanket

16 GrannyLaine

What is this device?

22 Chestnut

Protecting a picture with spray varnish...

9 NotSpaghetti

Triplet baby bunnies

20 Witzend

Cross stitch

233 Whiff

Neurographic Art - An interesting idea!

26 Greyduster

The Great British Sewing Bee

238 henetha

Is anyone into cardmaking

7 nexus63

Help with birthday present for a daughter who’s taken up embroidery please

11 Chardy

I don’t feel like sewing up at the moment - dare I admit what I’ve started knitting now?

17 fairfraise

Does anybody do tatting these days?

10 Oldnproud

What's your least favourite sewing task?

57 Ali08

Does anyone do patchwork?

28 Purplepixie

My cardigan with pulled out wool

14 Purplepixie

Using up things rather than throwing away

22 JackyB

Paint palettes

2 H1954

I’m hoping to manage quadruplets, but twin baby bunnies so far.

9 denbylover

Love of embroidery

15 JackyB

What do all the lovely grans nets artists think?

48 MissAdventure

Skirt fabrics

11 twinnytwin

Kid's crafts ideas

42 mimismo

Gauge Knit - I need help!

7 granshe

Another ‘mindless TV knitting’ blanket, officially a stash buster, but….

5 Gongoozler

Crochet top for my grand daughter

13 Caleo

Raglan sleeve cardigan pattern wanted

16 spyder08

Marriner Yarns - Crochet

6 UserNamesAreOverr...

Selling Crafts Online: which sales platforms do you use?

29 Happysexagenarian

Finally finished the blasted thing! mega stash buster blanket)

22 lixy

Stamp Embroidery

7 Whiff


18 grannydarkhair

My bunny - you’ll never believe what I’ve been daft enough to do now….

19 Yammy

Knitting - Star motif in jumper

14 Ali08

A Worry-Eating Ted, for a change

9 Witzend


8 Grandmabatty

My poor old ‘Stumpy’ McFangus

6 Witzend

Embroidery Frames

11 Ali08

2 more dog/cat blankets for Battersea

17 Purplepixie

Re travel packs of craft items

5 LullyDully

Memo to self - read the instructions!!

3 FannyCornforth

Just couldn’t resist this - Baby Bunny in A Basket!

31 singhkamleshh01