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Flashing wireless lights and/or wireless music box??? 2 MiniMoon
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Free Knitting Patterns 6 Oakleaf
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Table Loom Weaving 6 NotSpaghetti
Buttons and balloons 5 Caledonai14
If easily scared....dont look (go on, look lol) 8 Greyduster
How much to charge? 25 Witzend
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What is your favourite tv programme? 54 shysal
Loom knitting 16 Anniebach
Finished! 9 blanca12
Knitted nativity set - has anyone else made one? 50 Witzend
What is the most unusual item your grandchild has asked you to make for them? 51 Mabel2
Debbie Bliss knitting pattern 6 MawBroon
Frame for prodded rug 13 jacq10
Daylight lamps 11 sweetpea
bead art 1 Brendaj
Toast postcards 7 Lisalou
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Anchor Housing 6 M0nica
'Tilly and the buttons ' 3 MiniMoon
Mystery pattern. 15 gmelon
Cricut maker 5 Nanabilly
Embroidery 27 Elegran
What sewing machine do you recommend? 12 Bubbe
Love quilting but struggle with free motion on domestic machine?..... 17 mamamags
Trying to use up my stash - starting with a shawl - need a pattern. 13 Nonnie
Screen printing 3 peachlili
Where can I buy unusual glass beads? 11 beadqueen
Watercolour painting 131 Carenza123
Strangest knitted/crocheted Items. 46 JudyJudy12
Foam-core picture mouldings 13 Elegran
photos 2 Marydoll
Welding art 2 Bellab
Most unusual craft? 58 goldengirl
Unwanted knitting 46 Farmor15
Annie Sloane Paint 17 muffinthemoo
Stamped Cross Stitch 17 Katek
Are there any other dolls house fanatics on here? 19 bikergran
Painting by numbers 7 Toddleo
Wool shops 26 Marydoll
Novice buying a sewing machine, advice and recommendations please? 51 ReginaD
Collateral Damage - make a white poppy for an exhibition of commemorative artwork 16 Eloethan
Scheepjes Whirl 10 SueDonim
Patchwork 5 JoyBloggs