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Knitting machine anyone?

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PatM Sat 14-May-11 20:26:57

I've had my Brother 910 electronic knitting machine for many a year now, and it has 'served me well', until recently when the transformer started smoking! After phoning a company in Norwich, (quite a way from here!) the man on the phone 'talked' my husband through how to dismantle the machine, so that only the broken part needed to be posted, saving a LOT of money. He also said that, when he returned it, he would, once again, talk hubby through re-attaching everything. HUH!! Not hubby!! When the part arrived, he said 'Oh it's fine, I can do it' - which he did -- BUT, (and only those with a knitting machine will know what I mean here..) I'm now unable to 'link' the ribbing attachment to the main bed!! Hubby thinks it's just because I've left it too long - he doesn't seem to realise I've been using the machine for nearly 30 years, so I know what is right and what is wrong!!! sad Is there anyone who can understand what I mean? I'm hesitating to phone the man in Norwich again, (it's been quite a few months since he repaired the part) as I'd really like someone to come to the house and look at my machine for me, but I can't find anyone in the Merseyside area. Can anyone help please?

specki4eyes Tue 24-Apr-12 22:24:44

I've just knitted an indoor football for my footy mad grandson when he comes to stay. It comprises 12 pentagons in garterstitch - easy to do but was also strangely quite intriguing. I got the pattern from the ravelry site..just key in 'woolly ball' and download it.

specki4eyes Thu 26-Apr-12 21:41:10

sorry, I put my last post on the wrong thread - its nothing to do with knitting machines .. how can I move it?

Happygardener Mon 25-Jun-12 19:53:14

I would suggest you "come clean" to the man in Norwich - he may be more understanding than you think. It's worth a try anyway. When I had a knitting machine some years ago I found most people willing to help, if possible.