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effblinder Mon 05-Mar-12 14:16:11

What kind of Easter traditional crafty things are there in your family? We have had decorated eggs for the school competition (my daughter was inevitably disappointed with my and her lack of skills).

I've heard of people making Easter bonnets for their kids these days, over on Mumsnet - does anyone else do this?

tanith Mon 05-Mar-12 16:08:14

My smallest grandaughter 7 has made an Easter bonnet for a hat competition at School the last couple of years.. she hasn't won yet but mother and daughter just enjoy the hat making... which to me is the whole point of the excercise..

eGJ Tue 06-Mar-12 11:00:22

I make mini Simnel cakes in baked bean tins with my GSs Will look out the recipe and post it in the recipe section later today.

eggmayo Tue 06-Mar-12 11:29:02

mmmm sounds yummy eGJ! Would like to see the recipe - can you link to here when it's up?

SusietheGreat Tue 06-Mar-12 11:35:27

Bonnet making! The bigger and more extravagant the better... but I always have to remind myself that it has be be wearable!

eGJ Tue 06-Mar-12 11:49:39

Will post link eggmayo Must scan and OCR it (and check it) first.

eGJ Tue 06-Mar-12 12:28:38 will link you through eggmayo

Mishap Tue 06-Mar-12 13:57:54

We have always made an Easter Tree - a branch of forsythia (which is usually in bloom by then) with decorated eggs hanging from it.

The eggs (which have been added to by children and grandchildren over the decades) are stored in egg boxes in the bottom of the grandmother clock along with the Easter string (more on that later!).

We decorate the eggs in various ways after blowing them:
- painting
- soaking in paint
- wetting pieces of coloured tissue and sticking them (no glue needed) to the egg shells, then peeling it off when it is dry - this gives lovely gentle pastel shades that flow into one another like a Monet.
- placing a leaf on the egg, and then tying it in place by putting the egg in the cut off toe of an old pair of tights - you then boil it up in a pan and the colour leeches from the tights and leaves a brown egg with a leaf pattern on it.
- plonking on finger paint, then swirling it around into lovely abstract patterns.

Fixing the string to the egg is done by making a hole in the top of the egg with a darning needle, then rogering it about until you have a hole about third of an inch in diameter - you then tie half a matchstick to the end of some cotton thread and drop the stick onto the hole, then pull the string and jiggle it around until the matchstick is horizontal and blocks the hole.

Easter string has been made from decades of children's colourful French knitting wound around a rolling pin. The string is laid the night before and the rolling pin placed by the children's beds - they then get up in the morning and roll up the string to find their Easter eggs - most fun if it goes around the garden and in and out of the house. I have photos of my children following the string in their nighties in the SNOW!!!

artygran Tue 06-Mar-12 19:49:26

When my two were small, we always decorated eggs and made cards, and they usually made some form of Easter headwear at school (I came across a photo recently of DD wearing one effort at school when she was about eight!) Last year I helped our 4 yr old GS make cards with bits of coloured tissue paper and feathers and LOTS and LOTS of GLUE!! We will go at it again this year but as his teacher says he needs more practice manipulating scissors, I'll make some egg shapes on card so that he can have a go at cutting them out before we get to the LOTS and LOTS of GLUE!!

Sook Tue 06-Mar-12 20:02:10

Mishap we have an Easter tree too. I also collect painted wooden eggs (around 75 at the last count) these are piled into bowls and placed around the house.

Breakfast on Easter morning is always a boiled egg on which I draw (hopefully) a likeness to the recipients face.

The Easter Bunny is up at crack of dawn hiding eggs around the house and garden. I love your idea of the Easter string.

effblinder I love making Easter bonnets could never get my sons to wear them though lol. In the past I have made them for friends daughters and now my own grandaughter.

I love Easter it's my favourite time of the year smile

NanaChuckles Tue 06-Mar-12 20:02:40

Every year in my school we have an Easter Bonnet competition. The hard work that goes into these bonnets is amazing. Parents I am in awe of your talents. In class I encourage my children to make Easter Cards, Book Markers for parents/friends, Paper chains in lovely pastel colours. We also design our own Easter Eggs and the ones that are decorated in stain glass effect using tissue paper, we put on the windows. We paint egg shells brought in from home and when they are dry we put some soil in the shell and plant either grass seeds or cress seeds/spring onion seeds too. For really good ideas try looking at craft magazines like Hobbey Craft or Baker Ross etc.