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Prem baby knitting

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grannysanny Thu 03-May-12 10:11:47

Please I need some help with getting a pattern for a jacket (not a cardigan) using aran/dk wool for a little lady (Lily) to wear going out. I can find loads of cardigans but I am really looking for possibly a hooded jacket. Any help greatly appreciated. {flowers}

whenim64 Thu 03-May-12 10:22:05

Here's a link to one, but you'll find loads on the internet if you Google 'preemie baby jacket free knitting pattern.'

If needed immediately, my daughter got lots of very tiny clothes from Boots and Mothercare - her babies were in their own clothes in the SCBU weighing less than 4 lbs. Good luck smile

eGJ Sun 06-May-12 16:27:23

Do look at Sidar "Early Arrivals 2" I'm afraid it's in DK, but the hats are wonderful for prem babies; I guarantee you'll want to see Lily in a stawberry hat (or adapt to to a raspberry one0!