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"Fish and Chip Babies"

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gracesmum Tue 23-Oct-12 17:13:12


I am unashamedly copying this across from "Granny- Chic" in an attempt to give it a wider audience:
Littlest DD's MIL has told me she is knitting for "fish and chip babies" - have you heard of these? These are poor little babies, mostly HIV positive born in Uganda to such poverty that they are sent home wrapped in newspaper to keep them warm.
Do look at this - I know many of you are keen crafters and knitters. Can you imagine a poor little scrap wrapped in newspaper for warmth? It beggars belief and is just so sad expecially when you think about the prospects they face if they survive the early years at all. This is the link, and a quote from the news item:
(You can see a picture of Eileen who has organised the appeal ) "in front of a communion table covered with brightly coloured little knitted jumpers and hats. They had been knitted in response to an appeal on Mothers Day in March to knit them for the "fish and chip babies" of Uganda. These babies, mostly born HIV positive, are born into such poverty that traditionally they have left hospital wrapped in newspaper. However now even newspaper is too expensive. So we had undertaken to help meet their needs by knitting jumpers and hats. And a communion table and a further two tables covered with 200 jumpers and 100 hats was the result.
The jumpers and hats will be delivered to Uganda by friends."

baubles Wed 24-Oct-12 07:16:55

The link doesn't seem to work gracesmum

Elegran Wed 24-Oct-12 07:27:56

I found this site baubles

baubles Wed 24-Oct-12 07:42:23

Thanks Elegran I'm not a great knitter but I cando squares, so that's what I'll do.