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JudyAdamson Sun 24-Feb-13 16:32:44


I've only just joined gransnet although my eldest grandson has just turned 16, which makes me feel very old grin I have six grandsons, one granddaughter and another grandchild expected in May but I don't live within striking distance of any of my children so we keep in touch mainly by phone and email.

As a painter/designer/illustrator I have no intention of retiring, especially as I only really started working as an artist about ten years ago, after a lifetime of teaching, raising my family and running a pain support network, somewhat hampered at times by a bad back!

I'm finding that my friends don't really understand why I'm keen to work (56 hrs a week - at least!) so am not available as much as they'd like. I sell mostly online and belong to some lovely online groups of designers - but they are invariably more the age of my daughters and I often feel a bit out of step with them as far as our tastes in design are concerned!

So I'd love to meet any other 'elderly' artists or designers who are passionate about their work - or maybe need encouragement to find their passion? (I'll reach my three score years and ten in a few months' time and I've only just found mine on an online Surface Pattern course!)

If you'd be interested to know more about me, you'll probably get some sort of impression from dipping into my slightly chaotic blog:

Look forward to hearing from some more like-minded people -


Mishap Sun 24-Feb-13 18:49:21

I jumped ship from my SW job when I was 50 and retrained in photography. I then worked as a photographer, picture editor for a magazine, arts outreach worker, and singing workshop leader.

I had several exhibitions of my "art" photography as well as documentary work. I do not work much now (as I am too slow on my feet for the cut and thrust of photo commissions), but the training in photography helped me to look at the world in a new way and I have never regretted my rather rash decision to ditch concerns about money and take up something which I had loved all my life.

It really is never too late to follow your artistic dreams. My DDs made some sacrifices because of my decision - there was not much money floating about - but they were behind me all the way and tell me that they now feel they can do anything if they put their minds to it!

Deedaa Mon 25-Feb-13 21:29:40

Hi Judy,
Gosh you make me feel guilty! I've hardly picked up a pencil for years, it's so easy to find something else that needs doing.
I originally trained as an illustrator, but finished up doing shop design (for late lamented HMV) until I had children. We spent 25 years in Cornwall were I met some very gifted people in all areas of the Arts. I was doing a lot of mixed media stuff and selling quite successfully too. (And keeping Goats grin)
Since moving up to Berkshire I've really let it all slide, OK I've spent a lot of time looking after my grandson and my husband's been ill for several years, but I know it's all excuses! I'm going to the gym and watching what I eat so I think exercising the creative talent will have to come next.

Nomdeplume Sun 24-Mar-13 16:54:00

I've only just joined gransnet, and can identify with what you all say. I graduated a few years ago after doing a full time degree in Fine Art aged around 60 and am always raring to go, although I am most interested in contemporary art and have only met a very few others of similar age who enjoy the same perspective. At a loss, I am this week starting a group called the Sussex Book Arts Collective as that area of work does enthuse me and I thought that might help. It will include bookbinding, letterpress, altered books, silkscreen for books, collage and other paper crafts. I'm hoping that will be a way to meet other like-minded people. I don't know how, otherwise, you get those good chats about art in general, and in particular, when you are newish to an area - any ideas anyone?

Deedaa Tue 26-Mar-13 18:16:17

It sounds a wonderful idea Nomdeplume I hope you find some really interesting members. I watched the TV programme about Norman Ackroyd last week and would love to have discussed it with someone. I've always liked etching but haven't had the facilities to do any for years, but watching him was nearly as good as doing some myself.

Elegran Tue 26-Mar-13 19:24:46

Nomdeplume do put a notice about your group onto the Gransnet Local sites in Sussex - and That is the kind of information that the sites are meant to show.