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nannykiss Tue 29-Apr-14 21:30:02

Ive been looking round to see what crafts I can do with little money and not too complicated. I found a great idea using zip-lock bags or thicker clear sleeves (for files) taped securely with packing tape
But babies under a year love holding and feeling these; you can put in anything you want as long as its blunt. Fill the bag with some hair Gel; baby oil; jelly or anything squishy; (cornflour mixed with water is nice!!)
So that the child can push any object around easily. Use plastic sea creatures and smooth pebbles in blue gel for a Beach theme.
Plastic spiders or insects in green gel for Halloween. Also beads or anything else you can think of that would be fun. Obviously stay with the toddler at all times when using sensory bags. And seal it well!!
Even food would be fun cooked pasta and maybe soft peas, sweet corn or berries for squishing in the bag, its nice to have different colours; but obviously food wont keep for too long!!! Two different colour paints either side of the bag is also good! They can push it round to make a brand new colour!! Magic!!

Grannyknot Tue 29-Apr-14 22:16:00

nanny that's quite a clever concept. I'll give it a bit of thought but I think it can work. It would obviously not be a "toy for keeps" more something to keep a toddler amused for a while.

I had great fun a few years ago with 2 children I was looking after for a day, they were +- 4 and 5 years old. One of the activities we did was took a length of cheap loo paper and we made "glue" out of flour and water, and lightly glued seeds (carrot and tomato if I remember correctly) in the middle of each paper square. It was proudly labelled with their names and presented to mum when she came to pick them up, and later easily planted. The loo paper of course decomposes/disintegrates in the soil and the seeds germinate, perfectly spaced apart.

thatbags Wed 30-Apr-14 06:56:34

Could sharp baby teeth bite through the plastic?

shysal Wed 30-Apr-14 07:05:30

Reminds me of this josiegransnet recipe. Follows a similar principle with edible results.

Aka Wed 30-Apr-14 07:09:57


ninathenana Wed 30-Apr-14 14:52:13

When I read the thread title I thought the OP was referring to bags containing different textured objects for dementia patients. You can buy these and blankets with different materials sewn on the same as babies have only larger.
They would make a relatively easy craft project for someone. I'm sure local care homes would be interested.

God luck with your project nannykiss