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Quilting again!

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Mishap Thu 15-May-14 10:04:54

I have just trawled unsuccessfully about in the site to try and find the previous thread that I started called "Quilting Query" as some kind person posted about a sewing machine foot that helps to create a true quarter inch seam. I am off to a quilting show tomorrow and wanted to buy one of these - but can't remember what it is called. If that kind person reads this, could they please post the answer before tomorrow! Lots of thanks.

Brendawymms Thu 15-May-14 10:37:15

World of sewing may be at the show and I know they have 1/4" sewing feet. Have a look at their website and see.

tiggypiro Thu 15-May-14 12:14:21

Mishap .. can you alter the needle position on your machine? If so try the following ..........

Draw a line on a piece of paper
Unthread the machine
Move the needle to the far right
Keeping the RH edge of the presser foot in line with the pencil line sew a couple of inches
Move the needle one place to the left and sew again (no need to remove the paper from the machine)
Keep moving the needle to the left and repeating the steps above.
You should now have a row of holes which get progressively further away from the pencil line. Measure the distances between the line and the holes and one will be a quarter inch.

If that makes sense and you are able to do it with your machine you will have some extra money for lovely fabric !

Also remember that although 1/4'' seams are recommended as long as they all the same it doesn't really matter for most of us - don't make them too wide or too narrow though !

Rosiebee Mon 19-May-14 16:05:15

I think it was me!
If you haven't found one yet, I bought mine from Amazon and this is what it was called.

Snap on 1-4 (Quarter Inch) Quilting /Patchwork Foot with Edge Guide for low shank domestic sewing machine by 60°®
I have found it so useful and my work is considerably neater - never perfect!
I've just bought a small magnetic attatchment that is supposed to be a guide to keeping any width seams accurate. Haven't used it yet but will post if it is any good. Bought it from Viking Loom shop in York. If you are ever in this lovely city, you MUST visit the Quilt Museum. Totally amazing place with exhibitions that change on a regular basis. Looking at the complex quilts that were all handstitched, some more than 200 years ago, is so inspiring. smile