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Stansgran Sun 13-Jul-14 22:23:54

My DGD has just done a small bird design,part cross part sewing, from a magazine I've bought. She has said she would like to do some more cross stitch. I've looked at the beginners kits online this evening and they are all teeth achingly cute. Does anyone know of anything with a bit of imagination or something you wouldn't want to hide? Possibly bright colours and modern? Very grateful for any suggestions.

ninathenana Sun 13-Jul-14 22:39:37

Have you tried

ninathenana Sun 13-Jul-14 22:41:36

Type easy cross stich into the search at top of page.

penguinpaperback Sun 13-Jul-14 23:35:00

This is a nice site,

shysal Mon 14-Jul-14 09:01:52
Bookmarks are small and easy for beginners and not always 'twee'. They also make good presents for friends.

Nonnie Mon 14-Jul-14 09:46:10

Could you find a picture you like and then reproduce in Excel? Maybe a poem she likes?

This is a coincidence as we went to the church fete on Saturday determined to spend money and contribute to the roof fund. I found some cross stitch and silks and bought them and have now started my very first cross stitch. Usually I knit in the evenings but have tennis elbow so this is a fun substitute.

Stansgran Mon 14-Jul-14 10:04:11

I've tried the beginners sites and asking google but the jolly red site didn't come up. It's really more what I wanted thank you PPB. I have squares at home of carpet canvas with different tapestry patterns started for her but we are away for a while and I didn't think to bring them. I'll see what the delivery is like. Thanks for they replies. I want her hooked on craft before her family does the denigration of needlework

FlicketyB Mon 14-Jul-14 15:45:54

Stansgran I know what you mean. I also have the same magazine and was keeping the same kit for my DGD.

My family have always been 'crafty' and DD can set her hand to almost anything (and does) but DS is the one exception and DDiL is not crafty either so it is up to DD and I to introduce her to needlework.

She is now seven so we are going to get an old manual sewing machine down this summer and get her making, first, lavender bags and possibly the apron featured in the same issue of Prima Makes.

DH is already introducing DGS to the joys of carpentry and DIY.

Stansgran Mon 14-Jul-14 20:15:02

Flick I introduced her to a sewing machine by making a very simple small tote with each side having strips of ribbons or braid,all scraps, sewn across it and it looked really attractive. If I manage to upload a picture of it I will send it to you because it was a great way of getting something out of learning. My DGD has also become obsessed with cross stitch in 24 hours. Luckily the local sewing shop(called Tack and Sew) is having a sale and I've stocked up for the next few days. At least I hope so.

FlicketyB Tue 15-Jul-14 11:27:53

Stansgran, I would appreciate that and I will explore that idea myself.

We have a fantastic shop locally, or rather three shops in the same ownership, one does curtain fabric etc and knitting, one does craft kits, ribbons and trimmings and the other does everything else you could ever possibly want for sewing. I have never yet gone in wanting a special brand of thread or fixing that they haven't had.