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Gracesgran Wed 17-Sep-14 13:38:06

I have noticed a few requests for patterns and ideas on here and wonder if any of you use Pinterest? I couldn't manage without it now as you can gather together items relevant to your interest and "pin" them to your board. I know have 40 boards blush

People can repin your pins so it is repeated on their own board and of course, you can do the same. It is such a good way to collect tutorials, Youtube demonstrations and just inspirational pictures and, of course, free pattern (or not free if you love it enough).

If you are looking for something crafty or gardening or cooking or anything really it is a good idea to do a search. I have just done one using "charity knits" and this is what it brought up.

Liz46 Wed 17-Sep-14 13:57:46

Good link Gracesgran. I do charity knitting and tried Pinterest but have not yet properly got to grips with it. You have inspired me to gave another go but I will certainly use some of the patterns on your board.

Gracesgran Wed 17-Sep-14 14:17:33

If you have any problems - shout, Liz46.

FlicketyB Wed 17-Sep-14 20:20:28

DD invited me to join and it is on my 'to do' list.