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grizelda Wed 08-Oct-14 22:00:47

I have just completed a thousand piece puzzle which is about 3 ft long. It is really beautiful and I would like to keep it as a picture. Any suggestions? Someone has suggested covering with Perspex.

baubles Thu 09-Oct-14 09:32:10

Can you upturn it (like a cake) onto another surface, apply glue to the reverse and turn it back onto a board. You could then lacquer the surface and have it framed if you like.

sparkygran Thu 09-Oct-14 17:34:51

There is a special glue you can buy grizelda which you spread over jigsaw and it works. I used it in the past for jigsaws I particularly liked and still have them in tact. I love jigsaws and find doing one very relaxing.

grizelda Fri 10-Oct-14 12:02:10

Thanks, baubles. I tried glue once years ago and it seeped through and the whole thing went soggy.

grizelda Fri 10-Oct-14 12:05:50

Thanks, sparkygran - are you allowed to name the glue so I could get some. Do you cover the jigsaws? As I don't have anywhere to keep it horizontal my daughter suggests putting it on a wall!!

grannyactivist Fri 10-Oct-14 12:06:02

grizelda type 'jigsaw glue' into Google and there are several brands to choose from that are specifically for this purpose.

sparkygran Fri 10-Oct-14 19:23:53

Oh grizelda if only I could remember its name but grannyactivist has the answer. And you do cover the jigsaw and it seals the whole shebang and you wouldn`t know it was there. Oh I`ve just remembered I got it from Jigsaw Gallery www. JG. Hope this is useful

grizelda Sat 11-Oct-14 17:41:44

Thanks a lot - I'll do that

sparkygran Sat 11-Oct-14 20:55:05

Good luck and flowers and as I`m on the wine cheers