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grizelda Fri 10-Oct-14 12:42:22

I have been informed by a specialist at the local hospital that I have "knitters thumb" which he said normally affected mill workers. Having knitted for over 70 years I thought I had a touch of rheumatism which was interfering with my lace knitting. I have several skeins of one-ply wool and silk which I have tried to donate to a local charity shop but they say "normal" people would not be interested. Does anyone knit this thin any more? I have needles going down beyond the normal sizes, and a German firm used to send me various lengths of circular needles for testing.

littleflo Fri 10-Oct-14 16:16:39

I am sorry to hear that you can no longer enjoy knitting, Griselda.
I wonder why the Charity shop thought that. Surely there are crafters and knitting groups in the area that scour charity shops for such items. Our knit and natter group are always on the look out for unusual things like this. Maybe try freecycle.

littleflo Fri 10-Oct-14 16:17:23

Sorry about spelling your name wrong!

Elegran Fri 10-Oct-14 17:14:29

One-ply wool can be plied with other yarn to make a thicker one-off. The silk with it would make it really beautiful.

goldengirl Fri 10-Oct-14 18:22:04

I visited the Knitting and Stitching show today at Alexandra Palace and although I didn't see 1 ply specifically I bet it was there. There were yarns of all plys, textures and colours. And the place was absolutely packed with people of all ages including teenage school children.