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ninathenana Sat 08-Nov-14 18:51:39

With the seasons ?

I have spent the afternoon working on a jigsaw. DH came in from the shed and said "It's definitely Autumn now"

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 08-Nov-14 18:56:59

No. They fade away.

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 08-Nov-14 18:58:02

Apart from reading. That's all year round.

Knitting, rug-making, glass painting - gone! All gone.

Ana Sat 08-Nov-14 19:03:34

Oh yes, I remember glass painting! It was fun while it lasted...

tanith Sat 08-Nov-14 19:10:10

Reading all year round but I do usually only knit in the Winter and gardening mostly goes out the window in the Winter,

Ana Sat 08-Nov-14 19:15:22

Can gardening be classed as a hobby?

I suppose bits of it can, but mostly it's an ongoing maintenance project, and you really have no choice about whether you feel like doing it or not! grin

(Unless you can afford to pay a gardener, and just do the tasks you want to do, when you want to do them...)

pompa Sat 08-Nov-14 19:22:51

Mine certainly do, only because I'm a woose though, and don't like the cold anymore.
I used to be active in most of my hobbies all year, but now the cold/wet put me off outdoor pursuits.
When I was working, I had to make the best of every available moment, now I think, tomorrow will be better.
I tend to spend the winter planning/designing my next project, the drawing board will be coming out very soon.
I dare not start on a jigsaw, once started I can not put them down.

tanith Sat 08-Nov-14 19:34:37

Ana I certainly list gardening as one of my hobbies there is a difference between maintaining a garden and spending hours outside in the fresh air , mowing, planting, pruning, weeding and thoroughly enjoying myself.

Ana Sat 08-Nov-14 19:39:26

If you say so, tanith! grin

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 08-Nov-14 19:42:22

Gardening was a hobby for me. Now it's more a necessity, if I want flowers.

pompa Sat 08-Nov-14 19:45:26

I rate gardening as one of my hobbies, but there are many jobs that have to be done in Winter, but hopefully when it's dry. I grow bonsai, which have the advantage that you can bring them inside to work on them (only if I promise to clear up afterwards). Giving a talk on bonsai at our U3A next week, so I have been grooming mine in the kitchen today.

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 08-Nov-14 19:51:49

pompa you need a shed.

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 08-Nov-14 19:52:43

Actually, scrub that. Mrs Pompa needs you to have a shed.

pompa Sat 08-Nov-14 19:59:30

Got a shed, workshop and modeling room, but they are all full (and not heated -brrrrrrr)
Shed full of gardening stuff, bikes etc.
Workshop full of woodworking machinery
Modeling room, full of models and mess.

A friend of mine who has a large house, uses a bedroom as a building room, but he had to build an air lock to prevent balsa dust and various smells from invading the house. Mrs. P would have a fit If I suggested that.

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 08-Nov-14 20:06:13

You sound like someone else I know Pompa. how come bits of model aeroplanes finish up in my shed?

You need to get a fan heater and some carpet.

pompa Sat 08-Nov-14 20:16:22

If you can't manage to fill your own shed, what do you expect. I also forgot our summer house, I store my boats in there.