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Knit for charity - The Donkey Sanctuary

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Grannyknot Sun 01-Feb-15 21:30:32

I know people sometimes look for charity knitting projects, the Donkey Sanctuary have put a request out on Twitter:

Grannyknot Sun 01-Feb-15 21:34:11

Apologies I meant to post this link:

Grannyknot Sun 01-Feb-15 21:35:14

Just realised "have" in my OP should be "has". I'll go now.

grannyactivist Sun 01-Feb-15 22:45:34

Grannyknot I don't mean to be a wet blanket, but I live quite near to the donkey sanctuary. I think they could afford to use some of the nearly 30 MILLION POUNDS they have in Free Cash Reserves to pay someone to knit donkeys for them. Or, if they don't want to dip into that they could use some of the TEN MILLION POUNDS they receive annually in legacies to pay for their knitted donkeys.

I know many people love animals and want to do their bit, but the Donkey Sanctuary has an obscene amount of money that other charities can never hope to aspire to. Perhaps one of these charities would also welcome knitters.

Grannyknot Sun 01-Feb-15 23:26:39

Hi ga thanks for that info (I think!)

Unless the finances of every other charity listed on the link you provide is also checked up upon, I'm not sure that it makes any difference.

Advertising for knitters, as the DS did, is their prerogative. And quite proactive, they must have a good marketing team.

I'm still going to knit a donkey (that's what appealed to me in the first place).

rosequartz Sun 01-Feb-15 23:36:47

Or this small charity for desperate Syrian refugees:

Small knitted garments are needed too, and (new) socks of any kind as some of the children have no socks in the freezing winter alhough some have shoes donated by kind Turkish businessmen..

I intend to visit the donkey sanctuary when next I go down to Devon and will support it then, but in the meantime I am knitting for these little children who have nothing.

Nelliemoser Sun 01-Feb-15 23:55:40

A much better bet rosequartz a lot of the UK's well known animal charities are quite well off.

POGS Mon 02-Feb-15 01:06:21

Well I like the Donkey Sanctuary and I continue to support it.

The Donkey SanctuarySanctuary not only provides a home and shelter for animals, it provides vetinary care in various counties of the UK and abroad and has an excellent record of working with disabled children.

If you have ever had the opportunity of watching the disabled children showing sheer joy on their little faces at the riding sessions then I think it is difficult to begrudge them trying to keep the momentum of raising funds.

They might have a very healthy bank balance , like many charities but at least I don't see it being poorly run or money wasted , although when the founder (Elizabeth Svendson) died I did think the wage was excessive for the incoming head executive to be honest.

Each to his own but given the OP had such a good intention behind it I feel saddened it has to be challenged negatively.

Grannyknot Mon 02-Feb-15 07:52:10

The reason I posted that link too, is because it is a current appeal. The link posted by rose is for a 2012 appeal (of course it may still be current).

rosequartz Mon 02-Feb-15 09:58:42

Sorry, of course it is still ongoing - as is evident from the news.

There is a Facebook page for LILY which is up-to-date but not everyone is on FB. So please don't think it's out of date and not bother if you wish to help!

Syrian babies and children are starving and cold so I try to do a bit by knitting, sending donations to this small charity run by a woman who takes no overheads from it. She is also helping to set up bakeries in the camps as some of their bakeries have been destroyed by terrorists.

I was not saying NOT to support the donkey sanctary, and I will be going there myself (used to live not far away).
We supported our local horse and pony sanctuary until it suddenly shut down and relocated the animals elsewhere.

I would advocate supporting small, well- run charities which support animals and children.

Sorry grannyknot I did not mean to hi-jack your thread

Grannyknot Mon 02-Feb-15 10:03:51

No probs rose. I'll have a look at LILY. Cool acronym!

rosequartz Mon 02-Feb-15 10:20:24

Apologies again.
I just got carried away!

liminetta Mon 02-Feb-15 22:24:46

I have looked at LILY and I have about 2 dozen knitted squares. I will send them off. Good luck with this

rosequartz Tue 03-Feb-15 11:20:57

liminetta that is wonderful! The only thing is the postage to Turkey but I would rather do that than give money to a charity where the chief executive earns £150,000 pa.
If you enclose a note with your email address Dianne Jones will email you to say it has arrived and she puts pictures of what you send on FB with a thankyou.

I don't know her but she seems like a wonderful woman.

Freda13 Fri 27-Mar-15 10:30:35

Thanks for this info, I have my needles at the ready. I can't sit doing nothing, I always have knitting or crocheting on the go. So much that I get repetitive strain in my right hand arm and have to stop until it settles down!