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AuntieLouLou Thu 12-Feb-15 09:37:57

In the midst of winter gloom and post-Christmas, my thoughts turn to spring and to the next holiday, which is Easter. My family often come to me for lunch on Easter Sunday and there are gifts and an Easter Egg Hunt for the children. This year I am planning to revive a childhood craft skill, inspired by Project 77 and Lillie London Lesson on creating wool toys for children in 'Lillie London’s Needlework Book'. When I was at primary school there was a craze for making wool pompoms by winding odd bits of multi-coloured wool around cardboard circles. It was a fad that was probably inspired by the children’s TV programme Blue Peter (I think Lesley Judd made Flumps using pompoms) and we spent hours winding wool and experimenting with different effects by tying in a variety of colours at intervals during the wind.

I was therefore both amused and pleased to find that Lillie London had included a project in her book to create chicks and bunnies for children using these wool pompoms. It hadn’t occurred to me as a child to trim the pompoms into different shapes and use different sizes of pompom together to create animals. However, it looks simple and it will be fun to use up odds and ends of wool to create Easter chicks and bunnies. Pompoms also make great Christmas decorations and, as I discovered as a child, making pompoms can become quite addictive and competitive.

shysal Thu 12-Feb-15 10:23:13

pompom makers
Did you know you can buy these tools? It takes only a few minutes ro make one pompom.There are tutorials on You Tube.
I hope you have fun making the toys. smile

annodomini Thu 12-Feb-15 10:25:30

We used the tops of school milk bottles to make pompoms. Although I never drank milk, I usually managed to scrounge a couple of bottle tops.

Oldgreymare Thu 12-Feb-15 12:23:26

Phylida Barlow exhibited (at the newish Hauser and Wirth Gallery in Bruton, Som.) an 'installation' of giant pompoms made out of colourful fabric strips and coloured paper. They were suspended from the rafters at varying heights. They were a joy.
I made pompoms as a child late 40s early 50s. We made them into brooches!

rosequartz Thu 12-Feb-15 12:47:38

We used to make little figures (I am not allowed to mention the name of them any more).
Great for children to make and lots of fun to play with.

grannyisland Fri 27-Feb-15 09:48:12

Google 'making pom-poms' to find quicker ways than card circles - even just cutting out a small section of the circles makes it so much easier to wind the wool.

Fili Mon 09-Mar-15 12:15:22

In google you really can find different ways of doing pom-poms.