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Granne72 Tue 03-Mar-15 12:48:57

KateK Thanks i have just found the lovely pattern for Doug the caterpillar , i may try it as am trying to knit through my stash.

frankie74 Fri 27-Feb-15 22:33:06

I don't know how to post pics, I'm afraid

Grannyknot Wed 25-Feb-15 08:07:32

Frankie (and others) please post some pics on the "Pictures" thread and put the link on here! Would love to see the toys.

frankie74 Tue 24-Feb-15 17:02:55

Thanks again ladies. I've bought some felt and when I've designed the
"Felix the Cat" eyes I'll be sewing them on.

loopylou Mon 23-Feb-15 13:09:41

So far I've knitted a crocodile, monkey and lion for DGS, now on another monkey. The eyes are French knot-style so easy to do.

frankie74 Mon 23-Feb-15 12:46:08

Love gransnet for you great people with clever ideas. Thanks

Katek Mon 23-Feb-15 12:36:54

You could attach the felt using a French knot with your green wool. Your DGD will love it! I quite fancy having a go at Doug the caterpillar for new DGS but I haven't knitted in years. Doug is the Scottish Energy mascot- he's meant to be a draft excluder but works as a toy as well.

frankie74 Mon 23-Feb-15 12:13:15

thanks - that's a good idea. will go and look for some in craft shop

Katek Mon 23-Feb-15 10:23:42

That's what I was going to suggest-easier to get them looking correct.

Gagagran Mon 23-Feb-15 10:15:30

Would felt ones work frankie?

frankie74 Mon 23-Feb-15 10:12:18

Hi, I've knitted a great black and white cat for my 2 yr-old granddaughter. All that's left to do is to embroider the eyes - I don't want to use sewn-on plastic or glass ones. I have pale green wool and black wool, but every attempt using satin stitch looks wrong. Any suggestions welcome please