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Different Needles - Different Tension

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rosequartz Wed 25-Feb-15 19:41:42

I found an abandoned project in the cupboard which I thought I would finish.
The back was knitted and completed on metal needles. However, since then I have bought some Symfonie needles (lovely to use) but find that the tension using them is completely different.
I used the same size needles (of course!) but find that the fronts and sleeves are much looser than the back. The knitting is also much less even than the back.
Probably I should have completed the project on the same needles - I am not going to unpick and re-knit as it is just a little jacket for DGD to wear to play in.

Has anyone else found the evenness and tension of their knitting has changed with a change in needles eg metal/wood/bamboo?

loopylou Wed 25-Feb-15 20:07:25

How exasperating roseq
I've noticed a difference between metal and the interchangeable 'loop' needles; I'm sure I keep an even yarn tension as haven't noticed it on other projects.

rosequartz Wed 25-Feb-15 20:11:14

I am knitting in pure wool and, although the back is nice and even, the rest seems looser and a bit lumpy.
I will have to 'ease' it in.
Then I will block it and hope for the best.
At least the sleeves and two fronts look the same! A non-knitter may not notice anyway.

Iam64 Thu 26-Feb-15 09:08:38

I was able to start knitting again recently as new meds have helped my hands and wrists be more flexible and stronger (hallelujah). I'm knitting with bamboo needles and yes, I find my knitting is looser. Don't unpick it rose, it'll be fine!

annodomini Thu 26-Feb-15 09:57:07

I'm intending to move to bamboo needles, as most of my mother's old stock of needles are getting rather scratchy. So thanks for the warning.

nightowl Thu 26-Feb-15 10:30:40

I'm also using my mother's and grandmother's old needles anno despite the fact that some of them are quite bent. I can't get on with bamboo, though I have some rather lovely (and expensive!) birch needles in large sizes for chunky knitting.

I need the 'slippiness' of metal as I still knit like my mum - left needle clamped firmly under left arm, right needle doing all the work. Anything else feels very awkward.

Iam64 Thu 26-Feb-15 13:23:56

nightowl, I long to knit like my mum, left needle clamped firmly under left arm. I'm tall with long arms, but I simply can't make the thing stay under the arm. I knit like a beginner, needles all over the place but the finished garment doesn't reflect that. Well, not apart from the cardigan still almost finished for mriam - one of the fronts is a totally different shape to the back armhole, the other isn't. One day…….

rosequartz Thu 26-Feb-15 15:06:55

The symfonie needles are lovely and 'slippy', made of birch wood I think; it may be because they are very slippy that my knitting looks uneven and is looser.
They are nice to use though and perhaps it shows up more depending on which type of yarn you use.

I'm not unpicking and re-knitting it now though!
DGD will never notice!

nightowl Thu 26-Feb-15 16:01:35

I like the sound of those rose! I could get addicted to buying birch wood needles based on the ones I have if they didnt cost so much! But then again, I love the memories associated with the old ones and like to think of all the things that have been knitted on them over the last 50+ years smile

Iam my style may be that of my mum's, but I can never match her for productivity. I have several articles on the go at the moment but none of them are close to being finished. And I'm not saying anything about the baby blanket hidden away upstairs, started for a friend of my daughter whose child must now be about 9 blush

rosequartz Thu 26-Feb-15 16:18:55

nightowl I bought mine with an amazon voucher I was sent. However, I still have lots of old ones of my own, my DM and DMIL.
I am trying to finish my UFOs.
Then I intend to knit all the leftovers into squares.

Well, that's the intention grin

AshTree Tue 31-Mar-15 14:47:07

I bought a set of bamboo single pointed needles on Amazon about a year ago. They were so ridiculously cheap (£3.50 odd for 18 pairs, ranging from 2mm - 10mm) that I had very low expectations, but thought well, at that price, I had very little to lose!

They are, amazingly, fantastic! One or two reviews have said about them being a 'little rough'. I have not found this with mine, except of just one needle which was badly finished, but that was one of the very fine needles that I hardly use anyway. I now knit with nothing else. No more squeaky needles (that used to drive me to distraction), they are lightweight and so comfortable to knit with. I originally thought that I would just use them as a 'try out' and if I liked them I'd treat myself to some better quality ones. But to be honest, I don't see the need! These are just fine.