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Stuck on knitting pattern

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hallie2011 Mon 02-Mar-15 11:33:45

Hi. Has anyone knitted Stylecrafts royal sleeping bag. I am stuck on the button borders. Just can't get my head around it.

Nelliemoser Mon 02-Mar-15 12:11:16

No sorry. Try emailing the company helpline.

I am now working on an out of print Sirdar cable cardigan pattern. I had to scan and copy and enlarge the type on the cable intructions so I could just read the complicated bits comfortably.

The instructions for each repeat of the diamond shape cable pattern clearly give 24 rows. Elsewhere the pattern says there are 30 rows for the cable??? What is a woman supposed to do!

I seem to find many patterns have these mistakes or confusing instructions. Good luck.

loopylou Mon 02-Mar-15 12:15:04

I too have struggled with errors in knitting patterns, utterly frustrating confused
If you bought the pattern on line the people you bought it from might be able to help?

hallie2011 Mon 02-Mar-15 13:22:18

Thanks for replies. I will try emailing the company helpline. Wouldn't mind
but I have spent hours knitting this sleeping bag for my nieces baby. Due in 4 weeks so I've got a bit of time left.

Grannyknot Tue 03-Mar-15 07:23:46

hallie when I get stuck on a knitting pattern, I type up the bit I am stuck on, and send it to my friend who's a boffin, and she often 'reads' it differently to me and solves my problem. Are you able to do that or is it too much of the pattern?