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grannyactivist Fri 06-Mar-15 18:19:46

Check out this video and see how one woman is recycling Bratz dolls and turning them into something I think is rather wonderful.
Tree Change Dolls

harrigran Fri 06-Mar-15 18:49:29

I think she is doing a great job, the Bratz are not attractive.

tanith Fri 06-Mar-15 18:50:21

Love it ,I'm going to post it on another forum I'm sure they'll love it too.. thankyou grannyactivist.

Faye Fri 06-Mar-15 18:51:20

I have Tree Change Dolls on my Facebook ga, this is my favourite photo and I love how their faces look so normal. I am itching to try a tree change on some of my GD's Monster High Dolls.

grannyactivist Fri 06-Mar-15 20:26:21

I just had an idea that this would make a great art project at school; I shall mention it to my daughter in law who is training to be a primary school teacher with an art specialism.

rubylady Fri 06-Mar-15 22:49:52

These are brilliant. They are not Barbies, not baby dolls, just girl dolls which little girls can relate to. I wouldn't buy a Bratz doll for anyone, they are awful but these are the most lovely and would be snapped up in a second. A wonderful family too on the video. smile

Nanabelle Fri 06-Mar-15 23:16:18

Someone sent me the link on Facebook. The new from old dolls are just lovely, and the little clothes knitted by the gran are also adorable and simple. I am tempted to get the nail varnish remover out and try it on our old Sindy dolls. I wonder what she used to paint the new faces?
Not only that, but the couple seem such a nice genuine couple too.
A very uplifting story.

ninathenana Sat 07-Mar-15 14:32:54

Well done her smile

Did make me wince seeing the toddler sat on the kitchen worktop unattended though shock

AshTree Mon 30-Mar-15 18:36:38

Nanabelle I think you have to use water-based acrylic paints for the face - I remember seeing another video about these which said (I think) that oil-based paints will dissolve the vinyl that the doll's made of.

Lona Mon 30-Mar-15 18:57:58

Me too Nina shock but the dolls are great!

rosequartz Mon 30-Mar-15 19:29:41

Bratz dolls are so horrible and she is doing a wonderful job transforming them into 'proper dolls' fit for little girls to play with.

We still have some old Sindy dolls which the DGD play with but they are the old-fashioned kind.

I did think 'aargh' when I saw the toddler sitting on the worktop, ninathenana!

annsixty Mon 30-Mar-15 19:37:28

One of my step GD just loved Bratz and Monster Hi dolls but when she outgrew them very recently her mum put them on e-bay and they sold for an amazing amount of money. 3 particular ones grouped together made over £100.