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Geting a downloaded pattern from Vogue Knitting

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Mishap Fri 03-Apr-15 17:01:02

Has anyone ever tried to do this? I am trying to get a Kaffe Fassett crocheted throw pattern from Vogue (which is based in the US) - it is downloaded as a pdf. When I start to order it they will not let me get past the shipping address and has a postal address format, when what they need is my email address. I have tried several times with no success.

pompa Fri 03-Apr-15 17:47:44

I tried this for you, seemed to work OK once I had registered, but they wanted to charge me shock
Have you looked at this site, lots of free square patterns.

Liz46 Fri 03-Apr-15 19:12:48

Thank you pompa. Good link!

loopylou Fri 03-Apr-15 19:28:20

If you search Kaffe Fassett free patterns there are a number of UK sites Mishap
Good luck!

pompa Fri 03-Apr-15 19:39:29

It's always worth putting the word "free" in your search criteria for anything like this. Masses of free stuff on the net.

AshTree Fri 03-Apr-15 19:47:16

There are loads of free throws on Ravelry