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Pom pon yarn

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mrsmopp Mon 06-Apr-15 00:09:42

Has anyone used this? Its a fine yarn with fluffy pompoms every couple if inches. I am making a baby blanket as it is very soft and warm. But I cannot work out hiw to cast off! Help! Any advice please? It is difficult to do it in the normal way because of the bobbles getting in the way.
Oh, and be warned- the yarn is very slippery and will slide off the needle very easily. And if you drop a stitch it will slither down about ten rows before you can catch it! But I do like it and the blanket will be lovely when I find out how to cast off!

Nonny Mon 06-Apr-15 13:02:05

I haven't used pompom yarn but wonder if you could join on and knit one or two rows in a "normal" yarn in a similar colour which you could then cast of with?

mrsmopp Mon 06-Apr-15 13:47:14

Thanks Nanny, good idea I will give it a go. It has made a lovely cosy blanket.

rosequartz Mon 06-Apr-15 17:20:15

I have used a couple of yarns lately with bobbles (not pompoms though) and another that went from fine to bobbly (Opium?) and am relieved to get back to a normal dk yarn!
Starting and finishing on a normal yarn sounds like a good idea; I know you are knitting a blanket but if it is a garment I sew up in a plain yarn in a similar colour.