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Auntieflo Wed 16-Sep-15 13:11:36

I found a pair of beautiful, lined curtains in a charity shop last Saturday, and am so chuffed to bits with them. They were the colour I have been searching for, to go in our bedroom when it is decorated after Christmas. They have washed like a dream, no ironing needed, and I am now shortening them. Came upstairs to machine the headings on, and just had to have a little look at Gransnet while my Ipad recharges. Fatal. 2minutes has turned into 10, now I really must get the sewing machine out

Nandalot Wed 16-Sep-15 13:16:02

Just 10 minutes? Very restrained!

rubysong Wed 16-Sep-15 13:17:09

Well done, Auntieflo. I love charity shops and have had some amazing bargains. Reusing as you are doing helps the charity and saves things going to landfill.

vampirequeen Wed 16-Sep-15 14:14:41

Fantastic. I love charity shops. It's amazing what you can find.

Auntieflo Wed 16-Sep-15 14:39:00

Well, that's the first one done. Stopped to have lunch, and watched TV while eating, not good. Started sewing the heading tape, and the light on my machine went out. Thought we'd had a power cut, but then checked the machine's bulb. It looked OK, so put it back in and lo and behold, I hadn't pushed the plug far enough into the socket. Big push, and " let there be light" finished sewing and off now to cut the second curtain down to size, all tacked and ready to go. I'm glad that there are other fans of charity shops on this site. I love them, but have friends who would not step into one, strange.

Indinana Wed 16-Sep-15 15:15:38

What a fabulous find, not surprised you felt chuffed! At a fraction of the price you'd pay for new as well, no doubt.
My DD found an Ikea table lamp in a charity shop a couple of weeks ago, just what she was looking for. It still had the labels on and it was only £2.50. She was chuffed too smile
One man's meat etc...

Bellasnana Wed 16-Sep-15 15:19:51

Well done, Auntieflo. Not only on finding a bargain, but being able to alter them. I wouldn't know where to start grin

Gagagran Wed 16-Sep-15 15:31:24

I love a good browse in charity shops too. My recent best buy was a giant wall clock for £2.50 - just what I'd been looking for. DD noticed it on Sunday and said "Oh that's nice! Is it John Lewis?" Great surprise when I told her where I'd got it. She is not at all like me - always after a bargain and willing to recycle. wink

MiniMouse Wed 16-Sep-15 15:46:18

A trip into town nearly always includes a quick cruise round the charity shops - it's The Law isn't it? wink grin

shysal Wed 16-Sep-15 16:03:41

My word Auntieflo, do you tack before sewing? I am lazy and use pins at right angles and sew over them!

I rarely visit charity shops, but love a bargain on Ebay. Most of my wardrobe was acquired that way.

annsixty Wed 16-Sep-15 17:07:46

My friend got a beautiful Jaques Vert hat two weeks ago for £18 just what she was looking for for a wedding. It was on a model in the window and caught her eye as she passed. I don't think she would have even considered looking there.

Auntieflo Wed 16-Sep-15 19:16:11

After picking up a very wet DH, and eating supper, the second curtain is all finished, folded and put away to await the decorator. Thank you all for your kind remarks, especially as there seems to be quite a few charity shop devotees amongst the group. Well done all you seekers of bargains who have been delighted with their finds. I have never found anything on Ebay, Shysal, it seems such a huge site to navigate, and I get fed up looking, and no, I don't always tack before stitching, but I had the time today and didn't want to have to go back and unpick anything.

grannyqueenie Wed 16-Sep-15 20:00:49

Like many of you I love a bargain! I've no problem buying things from charity shops at all and can't understand the reticence of some of my friends and indeed my daughters! I've also had a few good bargains from eBay, my best being a brand new, tags on, Phase Eight dress for less than £30. It's done a few weddings!

rosequartz Wed 16-Sep-15 20:07:11

AuntieFlo - no rush, you said your bedroom is being decorated after Chrismas.

Must go and sew up my knitting .....
And can you make the cover for my food processor while you have your machine out? It's already cut out .....

Auntieflo Wed 16-Sep-15 22:05:49

Rosequartz, yeah, yeah I know, plenty of time, but I am a Gemini and flit from one project to another. But today I was motivated and didn't get distracted. Do you really need a cover for your food processor? Dust collector
There's always the hope the decorator will get a cancellation?? hope springs eternal. Hows the knitting going?