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Greyduster Tue 20-Oct-15 11:07:16

For the first time in the 50 years I have been knitting, I am knitting something for myself - a cardigan. Problem is, I'm a bit puzzled by the dimensions on the pattern. I am knitting the front and it says continue until the left front measures 41cm, then you start to shape the neck. 41 cm seems rather long to me. I am only five feet tall. Do you think they write these patterns for taller people who will be longer in the body? I have measured the only comparable cardigan I have in my wardrobe and it only measures 38 cams to the armhole shaping, and less to the front opening. Any advice anyone has would be very welcome. Here is a photo of the garment in question.

Nonnie Tue 20-Oct-15 11:09:10

Just make it the length you want, the pattern is only a guide but allow for it to stretch outward a bit as you don't want the pockets on your waist!

rosequartz Tue 20-Oct-15 11:23:12

Have you knitted the back already? If so, can you get someone to hold it against you and see if it seems too long from underarm to neck (the armholes will be hanging around your waist if it is!). Or measure you from neck to underarm. You don't want the armhole to be too tight either or the neck opening to be too low.
Does the neck shaping start at 41cm on all the sizes or does it vary?

Did you have to decrease at all for the arms?

Some of these models are about 5' 10".

I just knitted a King Cole pattern in their yarn for the DDs - age 7-8 for an average sized 7 year old only just fit her.

Greyduster Tue 20-Oct-15 11:59:38

Nonnie I have left out the pockets. To be honest, when I bought the pattern, i didn't notice it had pockets, and I have a bad record with pockets - can't keep my hands out of them and so ruin the shape of the sweater!
rosequartz I haven't started on the back yet. This is the first pattern I've had where you don't knit the back first! I am currently about twelve inches up the left front.

Greyduster Tue 20-Oct-15 13:29:06

The neck shaping starts at 41cms on all sizes, rosequartz.

Greyduster Tue 20-Oct-15 18:15:27

I've decided to abandon the fronts and knit the back instead. It makes more sense to me to do it that way.

stillhere Tue 20-Oct-15 18:42:05

I like really long cardigans, so would be happy with that length, in fact I would want it longer and am 5'2". I suppose it depends what you are going to wear it with.

chelseababy Tue 20-Oct-15 19:10:58

Doesn't the pattern give you the finished length you can compare to your own body or another cardigan?

rosequartz Tue 20-Oct-15 19:50:58

Long cardigans are nice, but not if the underarm is around the hip area! Although it is nice if they are a bit roomy to go over other things.

Do you do any casting off on back and front to denote where the sleeves go? ie is it semi-fitted or just a drop sleeve?

I always knit the back, sleeves then front(s) - the largest pieces first to get them out of the way.

mrsmopp Tue 20-Oct-15 23:34:29

It is a lovely pattern, Greyduster, what colour are you making it in? I quite like the length as I wear trousers a lot but the pattern is only a guideline as we are all different heights. I always find the sleeves in patterns are way too long for me. Just make it the length you are happy with. And put a photo on here when it's done so we can admire it. Good luck, and I hope you get as hooked on knitting as I am. There are some lovely yarns in the shops now and beautiful colours.

Greyduster Wed 21-Oct-15 09:33:33

Chelsea, a lot of patterns give you a diagram with measurements on, but this one doesn't. I have now abandoned the front and started knitting the back and am hoping that this will give me a sort of template for the rest of it. mrsmopp it is a sort of dark wedgewood blue, and if I ever get it finished, and it isn't too much of an abomination, I'll post a picture. I bought the wool before I bought the pattern (I know, this is not sensible) and then found out how few of the sort of patterns I like are available in dk now. There are some lovely patterns, but they aren't me! I should probably have gone for Aran.