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ladybird9 Thu 19-Nov-15 12:02:55

hello to all your crafters !!!! out there, with time on my hands I am interested in learning about crafts, I do appreciate the nice things that craft people create and would very much like to be involved, can anyone suggest where I start, I have visited numerous craft stores and find everything so so bewildering, so many choices, I love the cushions with sewn on patches of all and sundry, I have small great nieces that no doubt would appreciate great aunties attempt at creating something original just for them, so can you please help, guide me to a easy start in this wonderful field.
thanking you all in advance.

ninathenana Thu 19-Nov-15 12:10:53

Have you looked at YouTube for "how to" videos?
Might give you some ideas and help you get started. Good luck.

ginny Thu 19-Nov-15 12:12:01

Do you have a local craft shop ( other than Hobbycraft) or a patchwork shop ? Many of these hold classes for crafters of all levels. Where abouts are you located ?

rosequartz Thu 19-Nov-15 12:15:14

I think this site may give you some ideas:

There are a lot of talented crafters on GN (I am a complete amateur in comparison) who may be able to help smile

M0nica Thu 19-Nov-15 14:56:46

I think, ladybird, that you first need to narrow down what kind of crafts you would enjoy doing based on your current skills and pleasures, how good you are with your hands, how meticulous, or sloppy you are, do you want quick results or do you enjoy the journey more than the resultand how much time and space you can give to it

T hen think about what interests you.Are you interested in traditional crafts like doing needlework and, say buying a sewing machine, or would you like a craft that is eminently portable and can be done anywhere, even in public without embarrassment, like knitting. Are you interested in being really creative, in which case using textiles and other fabrics to make works of art where you can incorporate all kinds of other crafts in your work may be interesting.

Then there are crafts, which I hope people who do it, will not take it amiss, if I say they are essentially assembly crafts, assembling craft kits for Christmas decorations for example or to decoupage (based on cutting paper) and stamping.

Have a look out for local education courses in the evenings or during the day. These are not outrageously expensive. You might like to test your interest in a craft by doing a one term or weekend course. Google and you will find all kinds of courses, day, weekend and so one. Some expensive, some less so.

rosequartz Thu 19-Nov-15 15:01:02

Hobbycraft do hold tutorials in crafts - ginny have you tried them and not found them very good?
I don't have a Hobbycraft nearby otherwise I would join their classes which don't cost much as far as I know.

Sometimes local groups who meet in church halls etc have members who are willing to help newcomers.

suzied Thu 19-Nov-15 18:00:34

Monica is right, you have to identify what craft you would like to do, unfortunately you can't do everything! If you fancy being able to make personalised cushions you need to be open to learning , or improving, sewing skills. There may be a nearby class that could start you off. Some crafts need a whole lot of equipment , you would need a sewing machine, decent scissors and a good sewing kit to really get started. Or maybe you would just want to make your own birthday and Christmas cards, again a bit of an outlay, but can be satisfying and I have seen some really amazing work. Choose one thing and do some research! I love dressmaking and have been going to classes for years and have recently been making, and selling, dolls clothes.

chelseababy Thu 19-Nov-15 18:47:54

I would say start with something small e.g. a cushion which can be completed relatively quickly. Leave the double patchwork quilt for later!

jumbootoys Wed 25-May-16 11:08:46

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JamesKirk Thu 02-Jun-16 11:01:28

I agree!

rubylady Fri 03-Jun-16 03:05:49

I've been trying to find some ethnic/boho earrings but with butterfly fastenings as the wire ones catch on my neck so if I can't find ones I like I might see if I can make some, if I can see properly, grin.