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MamaCaz Sun 13-Mar-16 17:51:18

I wondered whether to add my question to the existing thread, but decided it might be better to start a new one:

What degree of accuracy would you expect from a "professionally" stretched / mounted cross stitch?

DiL and I both went to collect our newly-mounted cross stitches from the shop yesterday, and she was so disappointed with hers that she has asked them to re-do it. What are supposed to be straight lines are at an angle, and down the sides, the line of the aida fabric wanders by over well over 1cm.

My own pictures were better (only wandering by up to approx. 6mm around the edges), and because the design is such that it doesn't have clearly defined edges, you would have to look very closely to notice it. For that reason, I've accepted mine as they are.

I should add that my own cross stitches were not badly out of shape when I finished them, so it's not as if they should have been very difficult to square up.

I've never paid to have my work stretched and framed before, and I have to admit that I was expecting the lines of the aida to be completely straight along the edges. Was I being unrealistic, or do you think that DiL and I made a bad choice of shop?

Luckygirl Sun 13-Mar-16 19:06:57

The lines should indeed be straight. It sounds as though it is a bit of a bodged job.

MamaCaz Sun 13-Mar-16 19:54:12

That's what I thought. It will be interesting to see what DiL's picture is like after they've had another go at it.