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Solazure Fri 22-Apr-16 13:49:35

Hi anyone out there do latch or looked hooking. I have made a number of rugs for the grandchildren :-)

ninathenana Fri 22-Apr-16 14:46:00

That looks good Solazure

I confess I hadn't got a clue what the title meant.

M0nica Fri 22-Apr-16 14:53:26

DD does a lot of it. She is currently making her own stair carpet and has done about a third of it.

Solazure Fri 22-Apr-16 15:42:50

I am currently making one out of old fabric. This is called looker hooking. Nice craft. Very relaxing..The latch hook one's come in kit form and made with wool. I did make 3 pirate ones for the grandchildren. Not keen to do that one again :-) hmm

Greyduster Fri 22-Apr-16 16:10:46

I make them out of bits of old fabric, the same way as my mother and grandmother did, with a latch hook. This is a bedside rug I made for GS's room here. I have the bits cut up for another one, but haven't started it yet!

ninathenana Fri 22-Apr-16 16:18:05

Now if you'd said rag rugs grin

Kittye Fri 22-Apr-16 19:51:50

I love the rugs. Well done ladiessmile

Indinana Fri 22-Apr-16 20:02:16

Love that pirate ship rug solazure - whichever grandchild that was destined for, s/he must be thrilled with it smile.

M0nica a stair carpet? shock. Huge respect to your DD. That is what I call dedication. How will she bear to allow people to actually walk on it? It would break my heart to see it get even slightly worn after all that work sad.

Solazure Sat 23-Apr-16 10:01:22

Hi I am currently doing a locker hook one. Takes time as you know. Will display once finished :-)

Solazure Sat 23-Apr-16 10:03:00

Indiana 3 boys :-) they loved them apart from the youngest just too young x