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Katek Sun 08-May-16 15:06:21

Just X stitched a black and white zebra onto 16 count Aida....eyes gone all blurry!! White on white? Who designed this? Couldn't he have even have been the palest of greys just to help out?

<stumbles off to make cuppa holding onto walls>

Alea Sun 08-May-16 15:15:37

Sending Labrador first-class post!

Katek Sun 08-May-16 15:28:19

Will await delivery with bated breath ... just what I need! Does he like cats?

Alea Sun 08-May-16 15:39:00

Yes, but can't eat a whole one as WC Fields is reported to have said.

annodomini Sun 08-May-16 15:45:54

A labrador could eat anything any time anywhere.

Katek Sun 08-May-16 16:12:29

Hehehe! Saves a bit for sandwiches does he?

ninathenana Sun 08-May-16 16:27:50

grin grin everyone

rubysong Sun 08-May-16 18:44:11

Do you use a magnifier KateK ? I have one which hangs around my neck for anything too tricky to see. It might help when you start your next project (penguins on an iceberg?)

Katek Sun 08-May-16 19:44:38

I don't actually use a magnifier-maybe it's something I should invest in. I don't wear glasses so it's never really crossed my mind to buy an aid of any sort. I tell you I was so glad when I got to the black stripes! (white cat in a snowstorm for next project perhaps?!?)

GandTea Sun 08-May-16 20:11:22

Have you tried Polaroid sunglasses or any tinted lens. They may take the edge off the severe contrast.

Katek Sun 08-May-16 20:41:46

There's a thought...will try them on next white on white bit, think there's a monkey's tum still to do.

italiangirl Mon 09-May-16 06:46:28

If I am correct it sounds like cross stitch I'm working on a a peice only taken me 20 years ,like the ideaa of a magnifyer around the neck .Just bought a small desk light which helps ,however find that yellow and cream and white stitches I can only do really well in the day light .

Elegran Mon 09-May-16 09:50:15

I couldn't get on with one of those magnifiers you hang round your neck. I think it was because both eyes were looking through the same lens, instead of separate lenses as you do with specs. I felt seasick when I wore it. I bought another version quite recently, with interchangeable lenses and a light, but it was no better.

italiangirl Fri 13-May-16 07:34:06

Just seen an advert for eyejusters any one used them .