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Smiling Asian/ Chinese group of statues on benches.j

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Stansgran Tue 06-Dec-16 06:57:19

I saw this at the Tate about 2003 and I can't remember who the artist was and it's driving me potty. Does any one know what I mean and can you help?

Lisalou Tue 06-Dec-16 07:45:30

The statue was called "Towards the corner" and was by Spanish sculptor Juan Muñoz. It is truly beautiful

Izabella Tue 06-Dec-16 08:43:34

Stunningly beautiful.

There are often wonderful exhibitions at The Yorkshire Sculpture Park Well worth a visit. There is an inside gallery as well as wonderful sculptures all through the park. Visiting artists change regularly.

Stansgran Tue 06-Dec-16 12:21:26

Oh thank you Lisalou I knew someone would know. I've been googling since 5am! Mainly jet lagged but It did bother me.

Stansgran Tue 06-Dec-16 15:12:19

This is the one

Lisalou Tue 06-Dec-16 21:53:07

Happy to have found it for you! Truth is, I just googled your title for the thread and added "Tate" and it came up pretty much immediately. I cant take credit for much there.

Stansgran Sun 11-Dec-16 13:17:39

But that's what I was doing! For what seemed like hours!

Ana Sun 11-Dec-16 14:47:00

What search engine have you got, Stansgran? I found it straight away with Google too.

TheSilverSurfer Mon 12-Dec-16 18:18:16

Yes I use Google as well its better than bing but not as good as duckduckgo for me.