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grandMattie Thu 09-Feb-17 09:15:30

I have decided to treat myself to an overlocker. I'm a fairly confident dressmaker and sewer, but have absolutely no experience in that front.
I have been offered a new Jaguar 486 overlocker for £184. Is it a good machine? Is that too expensive? Would it be the right machine for me?

Welshwife Thu 09-Feb-17 09:25:15

I have no experience at all of these machines but I belong to a craft forum where a lot of people use them - a number of people bought theirs in Lidl and say they are very good - they are about the price you mention or slightly cheaper. Good luck with it - make sure you receive a manual too as it sounds as if they can be complicated.

Craicon Thu 09-Feb-17 09:45:26

Sorry, I haven't any experience of that model myself. A quick google shows that Brand new it's £199 from Amazon. Includes lots of extras for that price plus a guarantee.

I bought my Singer overlocker from Lidl. It's great for what I need as I'm not an expert and just use it for basic seam work.

You're obviously reasonably tech savvy as you're using this forum, so may I recommend that you look on YouTube for videos of various brands of overlockers? They have some great 'how to' tutorials.

I used to use a Husqvarna at my old sewing class which was also very straightforward to use.

Pinterest is also an excellent source of information and ideas.

Craicon Thu 09-Feb-17 10:21:52

Just to add my Singer overlocker (14SH754) was about £130 in Lidl and retails at £242 on Amazon. I'd been thinking of treating myself and thought the money saved by buying from Lidl could be spent on fabric and thread instead. Plus Singer is a well known brand and easy to get parts if needed.

grandMattie Thu 09-Feb-17 12:35:38

I wish I could have had the Lidl bargain. Unfortunately, I don't shop there very often as i live fairly far from one, and they went like hot cakes last week... I think they come up annually.
Thanks for the info.

grannypiper Thu 09-Feb-17 12:50:52

Lidl bargain ( not the normal lidl) store in my local town had Singer overlockers for £10. You were allowed to buy 3 per person so i bought 3 and DH bought 3 so my knit and natter group and my DD all had bargains.

Jalima Thu 09-Feb-17 12:51:45

They had Singer sewing machines too in Lidl the other week.

I dithered by them and decided that I don't do enough sewing these days to justify the expense so will have to carry on with my 42 year old Singer.
It is just rather heavy.

Jalima Thu 09-Feb-17 12:52:50

I've never heard of Lidl bargain.

suzied Thu 09-Feb-17 12:54:24

I am on my 3rd overlocker and can say you get what you pay for. The cheaper ones are a nightmare to thread . It's worth going on a short overlocker course to learn to get the most out of it. I love mine now and use it all the time, but I traded up from the cheaper one

ffinnochio Thu 09-Feb-17 12:59:18

... and there I was thnking of over lockers in aeroplanes!

rubysong Mon 31-Jul-17 19:52:49

I bought a Lidl (Singer) overlocker but haven't really got to grips with changing stitches etc. Please can I ask a really daft question? When changing from 4 thread to 3 or 2 thread do I physically remove the other needle or just unthread it. The handbook isn't very clear about it.

Ilovecheese Mon 31-Jul-17 19:59:14

Rubysong My manual says to physically remove the other needle. so that is what I have done and it has worked o.k. I'm not sure that domestic overlockers ever give as good a finish as industrial ones though. But good enough.

rubysong Mon 31-Jul-17 22:03:14

Thank you! (I also love cheese.)

suzied Tue 01-Aug-17 05:28:05

Yes take the needle out otherwise you'll get holes in your fabric.

TriciaF Tue 01-Aug-17 11:11:01

I've seen these machines and admire those of you who can thread and use them.
It's as much as I can do to change the threads and thread up my basic Singer - takes me about 10 minutes.
I'm sure it was easier with my Gran's old hand machine, with the boat shuttle.

AlexHugh Sat 18-Apr-20 21:50:09

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Bathsheba Sat 18-Apr-20 22:22:25


Susie42 Sun 19-Apr-20 12:25:41

I have a Bernina 800DL and it does everything I ask of it. I believe they were made by Juki for Bernina.

Nellie098 Mon 20-Apr-20 11:45:26

I have never heard of Jaguar. I have an older Janome overlocker and have been busy making small lined zip bags. It has taken me a while to get to grips with overlocking the nylon zips on but definitely worth the time. My zips are 12 inch and bought in a big mixed colour bag so my material has to be about 8 inch or smaller when putting on the zip as the blade cuts through the zip. It's not good when I forget to open the zip and I cut off the pull end. My overlocker is not air threaded which would be a bonus but threading them becomes easier every time and the challenge is to get the tensions set correctly for your project so you rarely have to re-thread. It is worth taking the time to produce a sewn chart of different tensions and using different coloured threads so you can see where the problem is. There is a tutorial on Youtube. Yes they do take some getting used to but I wouldn't be without mine but I think you still need a sewing machine as well. If you are buying one make sure it is air threaded as the threading is done for you but it may cost a bit more.