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MamaCaz Fri 26-Jan-18 21:09:07

I am really starting to need some sort of magnifier now for several of my crafts, but don't know what to get. Last year, in a charity shop, I found one of the magnifiers that has a cord to go around your neck, but it was useless, as my work just looked blurred through it (cross stitch). I don't know if I was just unlucky and had bought a naff product, or if it's my eyes. I can't try one in a shop because the ones i've seen were all sold inside sealed plastic packaging.

I was wondering, do any of you use these, or maybe the sort of magnifier that you wear like spectacles, and if so, how do get on with them?

tanith Fri 26-Jan-18 21:36:40

This one on Amazon looks interesting and won't break the bank

MamaCaz Fri 26-Jan-18 21:51:07

tanith Yes, I saw that one. I suppose if I got one and it turned out to be rubbish (9% of reviews were very poor), I could always send it back!

humptydumpty Fri 26-Jan-18 22:47:46

Not sure about that Mama but have you tried hobbycraft?

paddyann Sat 27-Jan-18 06:27:26

I bought a magnifier from QVC online for my OH ,actually it was buy one get one free,it has a stand and a cord so can be used on a desk or around the neck and it has a light.QVC have a 30 day money back policy on everything so I buy quite a lot of things there knowing if I dont like them they go back without any problems

Baggs Sat 27-Jan-18 06:31:07

Check out Purelite at I have a standard lamp with a magnifying attachment. It's very good.

MamaCaz Sat 27-Jan-18 08:18:50

paddyann I like the idea of one that could be used either on a table or round the neck. I had never heard of QVC, so have just Googled them. I found a few magnifiers, but not one that fitted your description, so maybe they no longer do it. How did your OH get on with his?

Baggs I've had a look those now, but to be honest, they are rather more than I can afford to pay, and also might not be very practical for me as our living room is so tiny that it would probably be difficult to position one by the sofa where I do my cross stitch. Thanks for the suggestion though - it's all food for thought smile

Anniebach Sat 27-Jan-18 08:53:35

MamaCaz, I have the same problem, I have low vision. Have tried those magnifiers around the neck, clip on magnifier over my specs, useless . I am in a cross stitch group on line and many use magnifiers which clip on their hoop.

Do you use a hand held hoop or a stand?

Greyduster Sat 27-Jan-18 09:01:30

I have one of these that I use for fly tying so it has to be a strong lens. It also has an integrated light around the lens and can be angled. You can get something similar on a sort of pliable bendy arm.

MamaCaz Sat 27-Jan-18 10:05:01

AnniebachI use a hand-held loop, so a clip-on magnifier would be no good. A pity, because if I had the strength in my wrist to support the extra weight, that might work well.

Charleygirl Sat 27-Jan-18 10:17:18

Another firm to look at is Optalec but the prices are mind blowing, to me anyway, but it does show you what is on the market.