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mollie Wed 04-Apr-18 12:50:52

Do you regularly buy patchwork/quilting fabric online? If so, who do you recommend?

Nonnie Wed 04-Apr-18 13:03:13

Only bought curtain fabric online and roller blinds. I loved that they are all happy to send samples before you buy.

Bathsheba Wed 04-Apr-18 13:03:14

I've bought fabric from several online retailers. Minerva Fabrics, Pelenna Patchworks, Lady Sew and Sew, Doughtys, Cotton Patch, My Fabrics.
They're all good, but the thing to look out for is the delivery charges. Some do a sliding scale, others have a flat rate (which is annoying if you only want to buy a small amount), They all seem to offer free delivery on a minimum purchase price and this can vary from £20 (Minerva) to £150 (Lady Sew and Sew).

Ilovecheese Wed 04-Apr-18 13:09:51

I mostly use Plush Addict

Bathsheba Wed 04-Apr-18 13:33:19

Oh yes, I've bought from Plush Addict too. They're very good, very reasonable delivery costs too. Another one worth looking at is Abakhan, who have some very reasonably priced fabric.

mollie Wed 04-Apr-18 13:48:39

Thank you all. Not heard of Plush Addict so am off to take a look. Good advice about the varying postage costs. Thanks again.

Nannarose Wed 04-Apr-18 14:07:01

I make clothes rather than patchwork, but use a lot of those mentioned. I also love fabricland, even though their new website is just a shadow of the old one (those who saw it will know what I mean!). They are so friendly when you ring them up and will helpfully suggest ways of keeping postage as low as possible.
I save my small haby shopping list, so that when I need to buy fabric, I can add bits to it to make the most of postage.

Bathsheba Wed 04-Apr-18 14:22:21

I save my small haby shopping list, so that when I need to buy fabric, I can add bits to it to make the most of postage. That's a good idea Nannarose. I really should make a note of all the haberdashery bits and bobs as I think of them, because I have a terrible memory!

mollie Wed 04-Apr-18 15:50:24

I’ve been to Plush Addict and got overwhelmed! (Easily done.) Too much choice!

When I moved 2 years ago I threw away most of my fabric stash thinking I’d never use it. I’m kicking myself now particularly as it’s not so easy to source fabric here. Let that be a lesson to anyone thinking of decluttering.

LapetEmb1244 Mon 16-Apr-18 19:06:47

I bought some good stuff from Ann's site, worth checking:
Good luck, Angie

Doodle Mon 16-Apr-18 20:25:09

I've been pleased with Cottonpatch as I quite often buy ¼ of a meter fabrics

Happysexagenarian Thu 14-Feb-19 18:53:14

Minerva Crafts and Plush Addict are both excellent for choice, quality and dispatch & delivery. Living offshore I am rather limited for fabric shops and the cost of delivery is less than the cost of travelling.

Maybelle Thu 14-Feb-19 19:38:01

Hobkirk Blackburn has a great fabric quilting fabric, also cotton patch is great

Bathsheba Thu 14-Feb-19 20:37:58

I only found out recently that Doughty's have a programme of roadshows where they set up shop in a local village hall, church hall or community centre. I went to a recent one, and they had a seriously huge range of fabrics to choose from.
It was £1 entry but that includes a coffee/tea and a biscuit - while my DH and I were sitting enjoying ours, we struck up conversation with the people at the next table, and it turned out one of them was a member of a local FB sewing group I belong to. So nice to meet one of the members in the flesh!

Check out their programme here to see if there are any planned in your area.