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Newatthis Sat 02-Jun-18 14:02:09

I have just started to learn crochet (not yet a master!!) but would like to attempt a little crochet jacket/cardigan for my 7 month old granddaughter. Does anyone know of a pattern that is very simple that I could start with? Many thanks.

gmelon Sat 02-Jun-18 14:17:24

I don't have a pattern, I'm posting to wish you success. Good for you to get to grips with crochet.
I'm a speedy , experienced knitter but admire crochet patterns knowing I'll never do them.
Any time attempting crochet is time I could be knitting!
Well done to learn. It still takes commitment to master a new skill.
and to be fair I've been taught a number of times and all I've managed is a baby blanket when I was sixteen. Nothing since !

gmelon Sat 02-Jun-18 14:20:04

Share a photo when it's done smile

silverlining48 Sat 02-Jun-18 14:29:19

Look on utube.or Pinterest. A friend has just finished a lovely jacket fir her 5 month old gd and had never before crocheted. She made a great job of it.

SueDonim Sat 02-Jun-18 14:46:13

Try and for patterns. A number of them are free, you just download to your laptop/tablet.

Nicenanny3 Sat 02-Jun-18 14:47:30

Hi join lots of easy free crochet patterns on there. Just tick box at side for Easy or Piece of Cake. Also lots of free crochet patterns on there it states if they are easy.

SueDonim Sat 02-Jun-18 14:52:32

Here's a free one to start with. You needn't make the trimmings!

Auntieflo Sat 02-Jun-18 14:54:04

I made this a month ago for my GGD, and it is very easy. If you can't read the instructions, PM me and if you would like, I will email them to you

hildajenniJ Sat 02-Jun-18 16:54:34

Can you make a granny square? If so this pattern in easy. It's is US terminology but easy to remember.

littleflo Sun 03-Jun-18 15:04:19

Why not make her a poncho to start. Just crochet 4 squares then put them together like a diamond with the middle missing. For summer you could make it in 3ply then make heavier ones for the winter.

Crochet round the neck but do not make a drawstring tie. You could however make a fake tie with two pom-poms at the front.

Newatthis Tue 05-Jun-18 16:17:32

Thank you for all these hints and tips. I shall post a photo when it is finished. Very kind of you all.