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Luckylegs9 Tue 31-Jul-18 08:01:50

I want to paint a table, went to the shop and bought a large tin of white chalk paint. If this makes sense, it is too white. Can I add water based emulsion to get the shade I want? I had to laugh, as I was leaving the shop I noticed an item in the same shade I wanted, I asked the young girl working there what shade it was, she said its white emulsion!

M0nica Tue 31-Jul-18 08:13:19

Try it with a small quantity of each and then paint on a less obvious part of a wall, behind the settee or similar or on a piece of card or mdf/hardboard..

If it is OK, go ahead, if not have a rethink.

Auntieflo Tue 31-Jul-18 08:30:08

Why don't you try with just an emulsion? If this works, could you not return the can of paint for a refund? A friend has had great success with furniture upcycling, using ordinary paints, in their original colour, or by mixing two different colours together. Good luck

Chewbacca Tue 31-Jul-18 09:27:13

I had excellent results when I painted 2 bedside cabinets, with some left over F & B Estate Emulsion. I mixed the left overs from 2 different colours, until I got the shade I liked, and used a small sponge roller, not a brush. When completely dry, I lightly applied clear wax to seal it. Job was a good 'un and cost nowt!

merlotgran Tue 31-Jul-18 09:35:12

I always send for a tester pot of Annie Sloan paint before buying a large one. I think there are about three shades of white!

You can always mix your own shade and there are quite a few instruction videos on YouTube.

chelseababy Tue 31-Jul-18 09:45:59

I use Rustoleum chalk paint - cheaper than AS and I think easier to apply.

Coolgran65 Tue 31-Jul-18 10:03:01

I did furniture with ordinary emulsion paint as it went on easier than chalk paint. Just be sure to give several coats of beeswax afterwards. I did 3 coats. First coat, wait 2 hours, second coat, then wait 24 hours and do third coat. ...using a clean paintbrush to put on the wax. It goes on easier and more thoroughly with a brush.

Coolgran65 Tue 31-Jul-18 10:06:49

Just to add, I used up left over chalk by adding a little water to dilute it. Ever such a little. Undiluted it gave brush marks. As it worked ok with adding water, if institute would be ok to add emulsion to change colour.
I'd take a little drop out and mix it to ensure the texture remained good.

Willow10 Tue 31-Jul-18 10:31:08

I've used Annie Sloan chalk paint a few times and then by accident discovered a recipe on the internet for making it yourself. It involved emulsion paint mixed with some sort of chalky substance, which I ordered online. If you type in DIY chalk paint there are loads of recipes. It worked brilliantly, colour was my own choice and was so much cheaper too!

Squiffy Tue 31-Jul-18 11:30:17

Lucky I've just come across this, which may be helpful (or not!)

I was thinking of doing my kitchen cupboards in AS, but having read this . . . . .

I don't think it will wear well if wiped down or rubbed as hard as might be necessary to keep it clean.

I'm happy to be contradicted grin

Willow10 Tue 31-Jul-18 11:50:30

I wouldn't use chalk paint for kitchen cupboards either. I used an undercoat followed by eggshell and five years later it still looks good. Low sheen, nice finish and easy to wipe down.

Luckylegs9 Tue 31-Jul-18 17:49:56

Thank you so much everyone, I am longing to get started but I cannot decide which shade to go for, I am going towards white with duck egg blue mixed in. Decisions.
I would be a little wary of using chalk paint on kitchen cupboards, but I watched a video of them being done and they did look lovely, also saw them wallpapered and laquered but I think you would need a very steady hand.

Squiffy Tue 31-Jul-18 18:32:07

Lucky Don't forget that you may need to rub your table quite vigorously if you spill something like blackcurrant juice etc. Would AS withstand that?

Luckylegs9 Thu 02-Aug-18 06:21:23

Well I applied two coats of Annie Sloane paint and it looked fine, then I waxed it and it's a mess, streaky and blotchy. I used off white. It is the top of the table that it is noticeable, the rest I can live with. I could buy another shade for the top or use the off white again. Has anyone painted over a piece they have spooky. Thank you.

Luckylegs9 Mon 13-Aug-18 07:33:24

This has been a Labour of love. It now looks good. Thanks for your help.

Lisalou Wed 15-Aug-18 09:37:09

Aw Lucky, sounds like it has been hard work - can we see a picture of the result, now that you have finally got it to you your satisfaction?

muffinthemoo Thu 23-Aug-18 12:08:27

I find AS pretty hard work tbh and I would be reluctant to use it on a surface that would get significant wear or need regular cleaning.

The Rustoleum does wear a bit better but I am a fan of Craig & Rose acrylic eggshell, then hand distress and seal/varnish. Wears like iron.