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Foam-core picture mouldings

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Elegran Sat 04-Aug-18 20:42:55

Does any one have any experience of cutting foam-filled mouldings? Specifically, ones like this for picture framing.For Christmas a couple of years ago, I received a framing kit - mitre jig, saw, and fittings) but so far I've only made one frame, and that wasn't for anything specific, just for practice. I have quite a lot of things waiting to be framed. The cost of solid wood mouldings made my jaw drop, but this stuff is far cheaper. It comes in many colours and sizes and shapes and wood effects. It sounds as though it has a very good appearance, but it could be tricky to cut.

JuneS Tue 04-Sep-18 15:26:45

I have not seen this type of moulding before so can't help with how to cut it. I'm sure that if you google 'how to cut foam filled mouldings' you will get the answer. Good luck!

JudyJudy12 Tue 04-Sep-18 16:01:33

Never seen it before, looks good and a very good price.

Elegran Tue 04-Sep-18 17:48:03

I sent for samples and they look good. The only problem now is that the minimum order is £50, ostensibly because a smaller number of lengths would be too long and thin to transport well. I did point out that at the sale price there would be about three times as many lengths for the price as at non-sale times, so the order would be three times as solid, and the minimum order could be a third of hat £50, but was told that the computer was set to refuse orders under £50.

Elegran Tue 04-Sep-18 17:49:33

It isn't soft expanded polystyrene, by the way, it is quite firm. I am told that with a sharp saw it cuts well.

Cherrytree59 Tue 04-Sep-18 18:06:28

I have cut foam cushion with my electric
kitchen carving knife.

bikergran Tue 04-Sep-18 18:10:40

Elegran if it is the same stuff as I have been using for room moulding(coving) then it is really easy/simple to cut with hacksaw (just make sure you us new blades) it will be so easy smile

Elegran Tue 04-Sep-18 18:39:30

Thanks, Bikergran I assume it is the same stuff, very light but more solid than packaging polystyrene, which is what I feared. The surface looks like various polished and painted woods, or linen (I rather like the linen effect) and attractive.The price is even more attractive, but £50 worth of it (plus over £9 carriage) would make me picture frames for the rest of my life.

Elegran Tue 04-Sep-18 18:40:48

Cherrytree It is a different texture to foam cushion.

Ilovecheese Tue 04-Sep-18 18:41:19

No experience but a couple of thoughts:
If the covering is quite thin you will need a saw with small teeth.
Be careful when glueing to use a glue that will not dissolve the polystyrene.

Elegran Tue 04-Sep-18 19:07:08

My thoughts exactly about the saw teeth, ilovecheese. The surface doesn't seem to be a separate material, more a colouring and/or moulding of the plastic. When I try cutting a sample I shall know more. They sell a special (expensive) glue for it, but people who have reviewed it have said that an ordinary plastic glue worked for them. Some trial and error needed.

bikergran Wed 05-Sep-18 10:28:22

Hope you will post a picy of your first prototype smile

Elegran Wed 05-Sep-18 12:10:56

There could be a long wait before I have one finished, bikergran.