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sweetpea Thu 13-Sep-18 17:39:51

Can anyone recommend a daylight lamp? Have recently started some craft including embroidery which I am enjoying greatly. Unfortunately the light in the room where I work is north facing hence the light is not good for the old eyes. Can anyone throw any light on this for me! πŸ˜€

Chewbacca Thu 13-Sep-18 17:45:35

I have this one sweetpea. Its nice and light to move around from place to place and the bendy arm enables me tobend it right down and store it behind a chair when not in use. Lamps are quite a bit cheaper these days than when I bought my first one any years ago.

Anniebach Thu 13-Sep-18 17:53:37

Mine is very much the same but my daughter bought it for me so can’t give a link. They are such a help.

HootyMcOwlface Thu 13-Sep-18 18:54:27

Ive just been Googling it and found this one, a bit cheaper than the one above.

MiniMoon Thu 13-Sep-18 18:58:42

We have a lamp that looks similar to yours Chewbacca. Ours has three light modes with one being daylight. My DH bought it. I think it was from QVC a couple of years ago.

JuneS Thu 13-Sep-18 19:01:09

I don't have a link but I bought mine from Chums who are online. Besides being a lamp which looks very similar to the two above, it can be used as a large magnifier. Great when sewing etc.

MamaCaz Thu 13-Sep-18 22:55:25

I simply bought a cheap lamp from Ikea, then bought a good daylight bulb from Homebase to go in it, and it has been great! (But if you decide to go for a similar option, remember to check that the lamp fitting can take a reasonably powerful bulb.)

sweetpea Mon 17-Sep-18 13:13:05

Hi Grans all. Thank you all for websites, etc for day light lamps. I have gone for the one from CompleteCare and look forward to receiving it. I will report back once I have tried it out! Thank you again. πŸ˜€

Jalima1108 Mon 17-Sep-18 13:22:21

Oh, you've ordered one sweetpea

I was just going to suggest a Father and Child lamp; available from various outlets. The smaller adjustable lamp is good for doing craft work etc, and the larger one can be used as just a general light. They are quite attractive too.

Chewbacca Mon 17-Sep-18 16:55:27

You won't be disappointed sweetpea, I'm sure. And you'll get it just in time for the clocks going back and the nights drawing in. Long evenings of sewing and knitting ahead!

sweetpea Sun 28-Oct-18 20:31:55

Just thought you may like to know how pleased I am with my daylight lamp. It is proving to be a great asset. Thank you all for input. πŸ‘Œ