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Trying to use up my stash - starting with a shawl - need a pattern.

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Nonnie Thu 27-Sep-18 10:24:28

Thanks 55. Think I'll start my own thread on the off chance because I'm making it for someone who doesn't have much money but would not want me to subsidise her.

MiniMoon Wed 26-Sep-18 20:04:15

There are some pretty patterns here,
depending on your level of experience.
Try eBay for small amounts of yarn.

Feelingmyage55 Wed 26-Sep-18 18:58:41

Some really helpful answers thank you. jusnoneed You have hit it on the head thank you. mawbroon if I offer her half a poncho that will just confirm her notion that I am bonkers - what's poncho/swotting/snogging/powdering your nose etc. Maybe a chunky poncho for myself though - the stash is huge. nonnie those must be the only colours I don't have. Amazon were doing a selection of tiny balls of wool suitable for toy making.

jusnoneed Wed 26-Sep-18 11:22:51

Have a look for patterns for what are called Hitchhicker scarves, they are long edge triangle shape which curves (hard to describe so picture of one I did). There are free patterns on loveknitting or Ravelry. Mine was done 4ply so is quite light.

Nonnie Wed 26-Sep-18 11:20:01

I also find lots of patterns online.

Anyone know where I can get small amounts of 4 ply? I have offered to make a Kermit sweater but it seems a shame to buy full balls. I found some pink in a charity shop and already had some white but still need black, red, yellow and two shades of green. If anyone has these I will happily pay postage! Should I start another thread?

Maybelle Wed 26-Sep-18 11:01:46

Why don't you try starting at the point rather than the top edge. I did a baby shawl that way once, started with one stitch and increased 1 stitch at each end every row. Working in garter stitch, every row knit. Just stop when it looks big enough.
When I was happy with the size i just carried on knitting and decreased 1 stitch at each end of every row.
That way if it doesn't look right you haven't wasted too much time.
But also you should be able to download a free pattern from the web.

Pirate Wed 26-Sep-18 10:58:11

Forgot to say, that makes a small shawl, if you have lots of wool, just keep increasing.

MawBroon Wed 26-Sep-18 10:56:47 have lots of patterns, many of them free.

midgey Wed 26-Sep-18 10:55:24

Maw the op could just knit half, brilliant idea!

Pirate Wed 26-Sep-18 10:54:42

Kaffe Fasette makes a shawl with double knitting on 4.5 mm needles. He casts on 3 stitches and increases 1 stitch at each end of every row until there are 321. Knit 8 rows increasing as before 337 stitches. Cast off. He always knits in random multi coloured stripes. Make a 22cm fringe on diagonal edges. Hope this helps.

MawBroon Wed 26-Sep-18 10:53:36

How about a poncho?

JuneS Wed 26-Sep-18 10:38:28

I can't help with a pattern but there are lots of free knitting patterns on line. Just google free scarf or shawl pattern, you might get lucky. Most of my knitting patterns I obtain this way. Good luck.

Feelingmyage55 Wed 26-Sep-18 10:32:03

I have an embarrassingly large stash so am about to knit a shawl/scarf for my daughter - with double knitting wool I already have. I just cannot find a simple shawl pattern without buying a book. She would like a triangle but a very long top edge - sort of a flat triangle , plain not lacy. Can anyone help please? I might just start the long edge and decrease but could waste a lot of time getting it wrong. (That could be another thread - wasting time getting things wrong).