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Antonia Tue 02-Oct-18 14:30:36

Has anyone used the Cricut Maker? I am wanting to buy one, but I have only Android laptops and I don't know if the software will work on Android in the UK.

Nanabilly Tue 02-Oct-18 14:50:01

Is cricut maker the latest model?
I don't keep up with them nowadays as they were churning them out too fast I could not keep up.I
I have a cricut create which I never use now as stopped crafting

aggie Tue 02-Oct-18 16:08:46

I have a Create too , never got on with it . I prefer die cutting machines

Marydoll Tue 02-Oct-18 16:13:19

I too bought a CRICUT when they first came out. It had to be ordered from the USA. It drove me mad! ?I tried to link it to my PC and had all sorts of problems and I'm quite tech savvy.
I haven't used it in three years.

Nanabilly Tue 02-Oct-18 19:02:57

When I did a lot of crafting , scrapbooks, cards, wedding stationery I joined a scrapbook forum called ukscrappers and they had a very well used cricut section. It might be worthwhile you joining that for the answers to your questions .
Sorry I can't help but I'm so out of touch with it all now.