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BBbevan Mon 22-Oct-18 09:53:50

Just wondered if any other Gnetters did the Toast postcard competition, and what they thought about it. I did and am a little miffed as my postcard was not put into the gallery. Only 180 of all the hundreds they must have got were.

Witzend Mon 22-Oct-18 13:04:34

Never heard of it, BB, but do please post a pic of yours here in the GN 'gallery'! Would love to see it.

gmelon Mon 22-Oct-18 14:18:01

Was it toast as in buttered?
I'd love to see what this is about.

ginny Mon 22-Oct-18 14:31:15

I’m intrigued too. Please post a picture.

Greenfinch Mon 22-Oct-18 14:59:37


BBbevan Mon 22-Oct-18 15:15:57

No , it was Toast as in clothing. Sadly I sent my postcard into the great unknown so can't show you. If you put' toast postcard gallery ' into your search bar it should come up. All? postcards are supposed to be displayed in the windows of Toast shops. However these are few and far between
Bit of a wasted experience

Lisalou Sat 27-Oct-18 11:42:58

I see it now, what fun. Sad that yours did not make it into the final range. An interesting experience, for future, ALWAYS photograph your crafts, otherwise you may lose them forever as in this case sad