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Knits4kids website problem

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supergabs1960 Sun 02-Jun-19 19:40:08

Hello smile
Does anyone use the Knits4kids website for patterns? It won't let me register and I can't see anywhere to contact them to let them know,

Ann17 Sat 23-Jul-22 18:10:24

I’ve been trying for months - seems like years- with no success to get in to this wonderful website. No idea what’s happened to it but I miss it so much.

Sago Sat 23-Jul-22 18:20:34

I looked at the site, clicked on the Welcome and the registration form came up.

Chardy Sat 23-Jul-22 18:30:37

Thank you for the advice this is a good site.
On my tablet, I just googled it, where it said Login I saw the word Register. So I registered, and got in straight away.
However the site seems very clunky to explore, and it keeps asking me to put my password in! After 20 minutes I'd seen no patterns, so I left the site!