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Macrame anyone?

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Happysexagenarian Sat 27-Jul-19 20:32:33

Does anyone else here do macrame? It seems to be enjoying a revival at the moment. I remember making plant hangers back in the distant 60s/70s, and now I am hooked on it again. I've made a couple of hangers and dreamcatchers and just finished these deckchairs. It's really addictive and very relaxing. I'm itching to make a large wall panel and combining it with fibre weaving. I have some ideas in mind but not too sure how to get started.

genie10 Sat 27-Jul-19 20:38:15

I'm impressed with those deckchairs! I used to do a little macrame back in the 70s but nothing as adventurous as that.

Happysexagenarian Sat 27-Jul-19 22:17:54

Thanks genie. They were actually quite easy to do. But on my first attempt I made the seat too long and when DH sat in it he hit the floor!! So lesson learned. I'm trying to find useful projects rather than just decorative - there are only so many plant hangers one needs!

Lessismore Sat 27-Jul-19 22:21:05


Auntieflo Sat 27-Jul-19 22:27:20

They are lovely.
I recovered some deckchairs, but in stripey canvas.

cornergran Sat 27-Jul-19 22:57:04

My Mum used to produce so many things made with macrame. Your post has had me hunting out some survivors of culls happy. Your deckchairs are superb, Mum made much smaller things.

SirChenjin Sat 27-Jul-19 23:41:34

My mum and I used to do macrame back in the 80s - I loved it but not the sort of thing you admitted to doing in your teens!

Those deckchairs are fabulous - they look amazing!

BBbevan Sun 28-Jul-19 06:27:32

Thank you Happy what beautiful chairs. I did quite a bit of macrame in the early days. You have really inspired me to investigate it again. I had always been a knitter but have run out of people who want / need things etc. So macrame might be the way to go. Thanks again

Happysexagenarian Sun 28-Jul-19 13:46:40

Ooh do give it another go BBbevan. There are whole rainbows of coloured cords and ropes now, and cords made from recycled cotton clothing which is lovely and soft to work with, not like the rough jute of the past. Etsy is a good place to find cord/rope. Look forward to seeing what you make! I made up an owl this morning but not entirely happy with it, but GS likes it.

jura2 Sun 28-Jul-19 13:50:59

Used to do a lot of macramé in the 70s- made so many wall-hangings, owls, plantpot holders-in string. Never a really complicated, large design, or used very fine material.

Ngaio1 Sun 28-Jul-19 13:57:41

My goodness Happy! The chairs look super. I was in a garden shop this morning admiring the cacti and one assistant about my age said that they were coming back into fashion and, so, was Macramé!! What a co-incidence. I have never done it but am off to look for instructions.

NotSpaghetti Mon 29-Jul-19 15:41:59

Lovely deckchairs. Well done.

I made a 3 tier plant hanger about a month ago as my daughter saw one in a shop and it was really expensive.
It brought back happy memories from my knotting days - but I was amazed at the price of decent string!