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HurdyGurdy Sun 03-Nov-19 20:50:24

Hi - well not really jewellery making, but I'd like to do a one-off advent calendar for my granddaughter, to get away from chocolate.

I want day 1 to be a bracelet, with the remaining days having a charm inside, to add to the bracelet.

All the charms I've looked at on Ebay are more than I really want to pay. I only want some cheapy ones, but on lobster clasps so they're easy to attach.

Are there any recommended jewellery making sites that I might be able to get the charms from?

Or am I going to have to try and make my own, using bought lobster clasps - I've seen plenty of those.

NotTooOld Sun 03-Nov-19 22:43:14

What a good idea, Hurdy. Can you just google 'jewellery making' and see what sites come up? I suppose you've tried Amazon?

Chardy Mon 04-Nov-19 19:20:03

What a wonderful idea, HurdyGurdy. EBay has loads but some are cheap metal which may turn her arm green. Amazon has more expensive ones (10 for £3)

HurdyGurdy Tue 05-Nov-19 20:42:50

Thank you. I've looked on Amazon but although their charms are nice, they're really more than I wanted to pay. I wasn't looking for it to be something she'd keep forever, but just to enjoy for a couple of years, maybe.

I did find some rather nice Alice in Wonderland charms on Hobbycraft, which I know she'd like, so at least I have a starting point.