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No excuse any more....

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Callistemon Thu 21-Nov-19 12:30:17

I cleaned my oven not long ago Witzend so it shouldn't need doing for another few months grin

Joseph awaits.

Happysexagenarian Thu 21-Nov-19 10:33:37

Having finished my preChristmas projects (a Bucilla stocking, two quilts and a Nutracker doll) I too have time on my hands which I know I should spend tidying the garden or the house before the decorations go up, but I just keep finding reasons not to do it! I have done some of my Christmas shopping albeit online, but that meant I couldn't go too far up the garden or I wouldn't hear the postman delivering my shopping! Excuses, excuses.... I'll wake up one day and panic because Christmas is just days away and I'm nowhere near ready.

Witzend Tue 12-Nov-19 17:33:39

Callistemon, I bet you wouldn't go so far in evasion tactics as to clean your oven, would you?
That's another thing I'd like to put off for another year or two....

QuaintIrene Tue 12-Nov-19 17:32:23

I decorated the house in September. All done,looks nice but I have done anything and everything since rather than put my pictures up. I love them, no idea why I won’t.
At the moment I think oh I will when the rug I have ordered arrives.
When I get the rug I will think maybe wait for the flooring.
I annoy myself .

Witzend Tue 12-Nov-19 17:31:00

Turned out very well, thank you, OAVG - I'm really pleased with it, but boy, it's a lot of work! I'm sure Gdcs will love it, though. Will take it to them next week, since going to babysit for son in law's birthday.
I did put a pic on the Christmas prep thread.

Oldandverygrey Tue 12-Nov-19 17:24:18

Witzend - how did your Advent Calendar turn out? were you pleased with the result?

Callistemon Tue 12-Nov-19 17:17:20

Oh, and I have some lined curtains to turn up too

Callistemon Tue 12-Nov-19 17:16:21

I've been using messy cupboards, tidying, washing, essential paperwork etc as an excuse not to sew them up grin

Witzend Tue 12-Nov-19 17:01:06

Having gone flat out for ages to finish Nativity set 2 and the Advent Calendar in plenty of time, I now have no possible excuse for not tackling housework, ironing, messy cupboards, Christmas shopping, horrible tax return, you name it, oh dearie me....