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Large print knitting patterns

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daffodil07 Thu 20-Feb-20 11:45:04

My mum, 100 years in July, would like to start knitting doll clothes, to stop her hands & fingers mobile. However, due to failing eyesight she needs large print patterns, any ideas where these can be purchased?

Grammaretto Thu 20-Feb-20 12:08:18

Personally, I would first think of scanning and enlarging an existing pattern. You could then print it off. Much more choice that way.
There are thousands of patterns, including free ones, on:

daffodil07 Thu 20-Feb-20 16:15:29

Thanks Grammaretto, that’s what I’ll do if no joy in finding one to purchase. Also many thanks for the website will take a look.

Grammaretto Thu 20-Feb-20 17:08:59

She is almost 100 and still knitting. That is super impressive.