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Beginners Knitting pattern recommendations

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HRH1 Sun 15-Mar-20 15:36:41

Hello all , I am looking for recommendations for a 6 year old boys cardigan preferably cowl type collar. Needs to be an easy pattern as I’ve not done anything for years . Crochet used to be something else I did but again not sure what to start with. Any ideas don’t want to get stuck half way when we are in quarantine..! thankyou in advance.

tessagee Sun 15-Mar-20 17:41:25

Think about joining the Ravelry website. They do lots of free knitting patterns there. That cardigan you're planning sounds lovely. Enjoy!

SueDonim Sun 15-Mar-20 18:13:11

Is this the type of thing you’re looking for? Choose the digital pattern-only option, which is free.