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Having said the other day that I was going to make it....

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Witzend Fri 03-Apr-20 15:03:16

....I’ve actually done it!
Thanks again for giving me the idea, GrannyLaine.

By happy chance my leftover bit of material was just enough.
Sorted out the inherited needles, too - have chucked some odd, bent or broken ones.
Room for the set of crochet hooks, too, not that I’ve ever crocheted, but you never know.
A lot better than the former jumble in a bag, anyway.

LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 03-Apr-20 15:05:47

That's beautiful Witzend!

Septimia Fri 03-Apr-20 15:07:48

I could do with one of those!

My knitting needles are in a drawer but my mum's and half my MiL's (SiL insisted we share them) are in an old music case, just jumbled together and I have to rummage when I want some. More often than not there are multiples of the same size but none of the size I want.

Witzend Sat 04-Apr-20 11:13:25

Sod’s Law, @Septimia - there so often isn’t the size you want. I recently had to buy some tiddly 2.25 mm. That was when John Lewis was (just) still open and I thought I might use up some of the stash by making ‘cakes’ (cupcakes and Swiss rolls!) for little Gdcs’ play shop.

(The ‘chocolate’ Swiss roll aroused a real yen for one, but so far I haven’t succumbed.). ?

Callistemon Sat 04-Apr-20 11:26:07

You're very talented Witzend

Septimia my old needles from DM and DMIL are in a tall round box which contained a bottle of whisky.

Witzend Sat 04-Apr-20 12:02:37

All very simple stuff, Callistemon, honestly. After too many UFOs I’m all too aware of my limitations.