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Newatthis Wed 27-May-20 13:15:10

At last I've found a pattern that I think I might be able to knit. It's for a little girl's cardigan. I want to knit if for my 3 year old GD but no idea of the chest size. I think it's possibly 22 inches? She lives overseas so I can't measure her and I want it to be a surprise so can't ask her mum but she is an average size (nearly) 3 year old. Also if this turns out then I might try a new baby size, what would that be? Can anyone please help?

Puzzler61 Wed 27-May-20 13:27:09

Hi Newatthis. I’ve just looked at a size chart online that suggests 24 inch chest is for a 3 year old. It does depend on if you knit tightly or loose but I’d say it’s better that it’s a bit big than too tight. You don’t know how long it will take you to knit and sew it up and then post it abroad.
Also cardigans are often worn over something else - a t shirt or blouse.
Good luck , and just as importantly, enjoy. Maybe come back on and show us a photo when you’ve finished it?

Newatthis Thu 28-May-20 13:52:23

Thank you for this info. yes, I expect it will take me a long time - maybe I should just hedge my bets and go for a teenage size (tee hee). I really envy anyone who can knit quickly. My aunt could knit without even looking at the work whereas my eyes have to be glued to every stitch. I'll try the 24 inch. What about 0-6 months ? What size would that be?

Puzzler61 Thu 28-May-20 16:18:04

Hi, that’s a tricky question New because it depends on the weight/size of the baby at birth and how quickly it gains weight.
My DD2 was a chunky 9 pounder and needed 6 months age clothing from the get-go!
What if you knit a matinee jacket that’s a loose fit and pick a pattern that is for a 6 month old? Baby can always ‘grow into it’.

Puzzler61 Thu 28-May-20 16:34:15

16-18 inches would be the size roughly, for a 6 month old.

Callistemon Thu 28-May-20 17:18:27

Yes, I'd say 24" chest for an average 3 year old.
I don't think any of mine were in 16" except the smallest at birth. 3-6 months would be about 18" and 6-12 months 20".

However, DGS was in 6-12 months size at birth.

Callistemon Thu 28-May-20 17:19:17

I would knit a pattern without bottom ribbing for a baby btw.