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Blossoming Tue 29-Sep-20 10:36:45

I can’t use a sewing machine due to physical and visual impairments so I have started hand sewing again. Any other hand sewers here?

B9exchange Tue 29-Sep-20 10:40:28

That's really sad, but can't you use the little hand sewing machines? eg

GrandmasueUK Tue 29-Sep-20 10:48:10

I just shortened my curtains by hand. It did take me 2 days as I had to measure, pin, cut, tack and sew. I realised I’d turned up the lining hem on one curtain the wrong way. So that was unpick and redo! I thoroughly enjoyed it and was thrilled with the results. I found it really therapeutic and had a film on the TV at the same time. I do have a sewing machine but couldn’t be bothered getting it out.

Alegrias Tue 29-Sep-20 10:50:40

My mum has never had a sewing machine and has always sewn everything by hand. She prefers it. It takes longer but the results are always beautiful.

Are you planning on embroidery or needlepoint as well Blossoming?

Beechnut Tue 29-Sep-20 10:55:20

I find hand sewing calming because it is slower than a machine and no noise ?

emmasnan Tue 29-Sep-20 10:58:12

I love hand sewing, very calming and I always feel so relaxed when doing it.
I do have an electric sewing machine but don't use it all the time.

Maggiemaybe Tue 29-Sep-20 11:41:36

I love a bit of hand sewing. As others have said, it’s very relaxing, and of course you can do it while watching TV of an evening. My DD1 has asked me to make a patchwork memory cushion cover for her baby’s nursery and I’ll probably hand sew it all. The work put in somehow makes the finished product all the more special.

Xander Tue 29-Sep-20 11:47:47

I enjoy hand sewing ( remember your thimble!!!)At the moment patch work recycled jeans tote bag on the go while listening to audio books from youtube so relaxing

Vickysponge Tue 29-Sep-20 12:00:45

I love hand sewing too. I also really enjoy repairing things. So good to see the end result.

Pantglas2 Tue 29-Sep-20 12:22:23

I’ve just cut up a couple of throws to cover four large cushions in the conservatory (mini make-over) and run up three sides on the machine.

I will hand sew the last seam on each whilst watching something on tv this evening so best of all worlds!

Liz46 Tue 29-Sep-20 12:29:59

I made face masks out of some white cotton. I didn’t have any elastic but my granddaughter’s bobbles work well.

NfkDumpling Tue 29-Sep-20 12:43:08

I love hand sewing (and knitting), and really don't get on with sewing machines. My friend gave me a tutorial on hers and it confused me utterly. I think if I'd twiddled the right dial it would have buttered my toast.

I do have a machine - a 21st birthday present from my parents, but I'm not sure I can remember how to thread it.

maryrose54 Tue 29-Sep-20 13:02:02

I enjoy hand sewing. Feel more in control of the process than with a machine, plus it's a bother to get out the machine and thread it up!!

twinnytwin Tue 29-Sep-20 14:07:02

Although an obsessed machine sewer, I also love to hand sew to finish off parts of my garments. I've learned to embroider over lockdown and have just started my first cross stitch. I had to send off for a magnifying thingy for round my neck after making a pigs ear of the first effort as I couldn't see the gaps in the fabric to put the needle through. Loving it.

staffietara Wed 30-Sep-20 00:02:03

Thank you for all the encouragement re hand sewing.
I saw a little hand sewing machine advertised this week in Lidl.
Cost £14.99. Do you think this is worth buying?

Nannee49 Wed 30-Sep-20 07:24:11

Nfk you made me laugh with the buttered toast! Another hand sewing aficionado here. Over lock down I've gotten into 'adjusting' all my useless charity shop buys - sleeves out, wider neckline etc - and am very happy with my quickunpick and a needle and thread.
Btw was listening to Capitol radio with my granddaughter and a quiz question asked was "what is a thimble"!!??

Blossoming Wed 30-Sep-20 11:05:23

I’m really enjoying it and it’s lovely to find there are more of us. So far I’ve made 3 face masks, a needle case, a pincushion and a little pouch to hold bobbins.

I’m currently altering a dress I never wear to re-purpose as a top. It has a v neck and as I’m on the short side it is practically at my navel! I’m using some of the fabric I’m cutting off the bottom to fill that in.

I can’t use the hand held machines. They’re impossibly fiddly to thread with 2 working hands and good vision so no chance for me ? Please don’t feel sorry for me though, I am doing fine ?

lovebeigecardigans1955 Wed 30-Sep-20 12:00:06

I love hand sewing when it comes to embroidery which is my first love but I use a machine for long seams in dressmaking and the like. It's very therapeutic and gives a lovely end product.

Fuchsiarose Wed 30-Sep-20 20:15:47

Hello even trying to do this is difficult due to visual and physical impairment. I tried hand sewing, but it did not go well. I can use a sewing machine if someone threads it for me. But the stitching is wonky, and never in a straight line. I used to see and knit all the time. But the dexterity isn't there anymore. I know how you must feel, it's annoying to have health limiting our skills. Wish I knew a course for people like us.

Liz46 Wed 30-Sep-20 20:20:36

When my granddaughter was very small she used to gather together everything that needed mending when I visited.

Her security blanket was usually the most important.

Blossoming Thu 01-Oct-20 17:27:00

I can’t use a machine at all Fuchsiarose. I only have one functional hand. You can get a magnetic fabric guide that might help you keep your stitching straight.